Within Suffering (Reissue)


Although the Canadian thrashers in OVERTHROW are no longer, a reissue of their only album, […]
By Liam Easley
September 26, 2019
Overthrow - Within Suffering (Reissue) album cover

Although the Canadian thrashers in OVERTHROW are no longer, a reissue of their only album, "Within Suffering," was released May 31, 2019 on Vic Records. The reissue includes their 1989 demo, "Bodily Domination." Spitting fire and riffs, Overthrow know how to write a riveting Thrash Metal album.

"Infection" starts off with technical, fast riffing, reminding us that even in the early 1990s, Thrash Metal was at an utmost extreme. With riffs and themes reminiscent of DEMOLITION HAMMER and DEVASTATION, this track perfectly introduces the album as a complete riff fest. What was show on "Infected" was not just reserved for that track. In fact, the album only gets better, the technicality becoming more organized and the riffs becoming heavier.

The band has a very good sense of direction when it comes to songwriting. Each song has great flow with riffs flawlessly entering and exiting. "Suppression" is a perfect example of this with an interesting take on a breakdown. It's very technical and delivers the right amount of punch. Unfortunately, some riffs are not repeated at all, but that is small in the shadow of the incredible songwriting this album possesses. Each song flows with ease and the riffs fall perfectly into place.

"Abduction of Life" is a perfect example of impeccable songwriting. The song starts slower, something that most Thrash bands end with fast riffing. Overthrow ride out the slow part and smoothly transition it into the faster part. The transition is so natural that it's as if it never happened. The track is a great way to close the album, creating a heavy tone and summing up the album in the most appropriate way.

"Within Suffering" is one of the least boring Thrash Metal albums I have ever heard. It has the perfect blend of DEMOLITION HAMMER brutality and EXHORDER technicality to create an album that is truly riff-city certified. Thrash Metal doesn't usually bore me, but this album is just so energetic that it makes some of the classics look dull. Overall, this is a great album, and it's nice that it's receiving a reissue.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Within Suffering (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Infection
2. Within Suffering
3. Chemically Exposed
4. Repressed Hostility
5. Suppressed
6. All That Remains
7. Chaos Incarnate
8. Under the Skin
9. Abduction of Life
10. Infection Overthrow (Demo)
11. Chaos Incarnate (Demo)
12. Conformity Institute (Demo)
13. Chemically Exposed (Demo)
14. Suppression (Demo)
15. Corrupted Faith (Demo)

Overthrow Lineup:

Wayne Powell - Drums
Nick Sagias - Vocals & Bass
Ian Mumble - Guitars
Ken Wakefield - Guitars

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