Altered Ego


Everybody knows that Glam metal and Hard rock is rising, even in the genres' twilight […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
April 12, 2015
Overloud - Altered Ego album cover

Everybody knows that Glam metal and Hard rock is rising, even in the genres' twilight years; maybe on the rise is a little exaggerated statement however there are many bands in Glam Metal and if you thing about STEEL PANTHER, you are right. I myself wrote many reviews in the last years about the Glam Metal and Hard Rock and many times it's more Hard rock meets Glam Metal, so I will not hide my attraction to this genre. I usually to listen to band from Sweden , UK and even Italy that goes all the way with Glam and hard rock but this is my first time with a Spanish band that do Glam .

OVERLOUD are from Spain, it's a small city named San Sebastian or should I say Donostia in Basque, however don't let the small town look fool you; these guys are a full blown glam metal extravaganza.

So after the introduction let's talk album wise, so it's OVERLOUD's first album, at least that's what I know. The album name is "Altered Ego" very interesting name to a band that shows off their abilities , it's evident in the clip they have (we will discuss it later), "Altered Ego" comes with thirteen tracks , what I call value for money , if we take out the first track that is an instrumental we get a full blown twelve Glam crazy tracks. OVERLOUD seems to take all the best from all classic Glam band from MOTLEY CRUE with "Swallow my Love" and  "Lock ´em Up" or GUNS & ROSES with "Passport to Paradise" and "Heaven"

Track six "Desert Law" also has a great video clip that shows the explosiveness of the band, however don't trade lightly the track itself is very good, more of Southern Glam metal, a great track with great vocals.

All track are infused Glam and Hard rock, a great start for what looks like a great future to this band, I do think that we will hear more from OVERLOUD.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Altered Ego" Track-listing:

1. Altered Ego
2. Passport to paradise
3. Swallow my love
4. Lock ´ em up
5. Devil in me
6. Desert Law
7. Cry on my shoulder
8. Girl of misery
9. Running fast
10. Homeless
11. Tonite
12. Thanks for nothing
13. Heaven

Overloud Lineup:

Ion Ziaurriz
Alex Gomez
Javi iturrarte
Juan Martinez
Borja Etxeberria

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