Brutal Human Bastard


Europe is the haven of all things Metal, and here we have another group of […]
By Bex "Hardcore" Tasker
December 30, 2013
Outrage - Brutal Human Bastard album cover

Europe is the haven of all things Metal, and here we have another group of talented ruffians to add to the list. Austrian five-piece OUTRAGE have been making nuns and small children cry since 2000, and the terror continues this year with the release of their latest album "Brutal Human Bastard". The 11-track creation consists of the unnerving growls of vocalist Markus Urstoeger, the unforgettable riffs of guitarists Manuael A. Berger and Gerhard Turk, the relentless rumblings of bassist Erwin Forsthuber, and Michael Mittendrein's brutal drums. An ideal album for all fans of Metalcore, Deathcore and Black Metal.

The album opens with a short track, sharing the same name as the album. "Brutal Human Bastard" is a mere 30 seconds in length, and consists only of an eerie spoken voice and distortion guitar. The second track, "Cryptic Time", shows off the talents of all members, with catchy riffs and solid drumming with doublekick to compliment powerful growls. The song also contains a brief but awesome guitar solo, adding just a little something extra to the Metal mix. Track number 3, "Addiction", is aptly named, with speedy guitar work and a rhythm guaranteed to get you hooked. Next up is a few minutes of chaos - "Days of Disorder". The guitars and drums are rapid, the bass funky, and the lyrics well crafted. "Mexican Standoff" contains some impressive dual guitar work, and more of Mittendrein's signature doublekick. Track 6 has quite a mellow introduction, luring the listener gradually into the gaping chasm of "At The Abyss". The guitars continue to be a strong point, but one can't ignore the exceptional work of the vocals, drums and bass.

"Pissing Roadside" is peculiar by name, but awesome as far as the music is concerned. The rhythm is comparable to a rollercoaster - there's something new around every corner of the track. The song to follow is a similar story, with funky riffs and drumming to get your heading nodding in time, and with approval. "Down From The Silence" also contains some melodic qualities towards the end, and some noteworthy bass. "Won't You Be My Flesh" is spooky by name and spooky by nature. The doublekick and staccato riffs that introduce the song give it an unnerving vibe, which only becomes more eerie when Urstoeger's vocals come in. The following track is another mellow one, at least in part. "Deprivation" is still heavy, yet more akin to gentler genres of Metal, containing melodic solos and slower drums, and appears to be about the passing of a dear friend. The final track on the album returns to the darker side of heavy music, consisting of deep growls and machinegun drums. "Negative Creep" draws the album to a brutal close.

"Brutal Human Bastard" is an impressive concoction of Metal, and an album OUTRAGE should be very proud of. It's heavy, energetic and addictive, and will definitely seize Metal fans by their horns.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Brutal Human Bastard" Track-listing:

1. Brutal Human Bastard
2. Cryptic Time
3. Addiction
4. Days of Disorder
5. Mexican Standoff
6. At The Abyss
7. Pissing Roadside
8. Down From The Silence
9. Won't You Be My Flesh
10. Deprivation
11. Negative Creep

Outrage Lineup:

Markus Urstoeger - Vocals
Manuael A. Berger - Guitar
Gerhard Turk - Guitar
Erwin Forsthuber - Bass
Michael Mittendrein - Drums

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