Reaching Beyond Assiah


From their EPK, "Founded in 2015 in São Paulo/Brazil (nowadays based in Hamburg/Germany), OUTLAW plays […]
March 22, 2023
Outlaw - Reaching Beyond Assiah album cover

From their EPK, "Founded in 2015 in São Paulo/Brazil (nowadays based in Hamburg/Germany), OUTLAW plays a very aggressive yet melodic Black Metal. The band started as a duo and then went through several line-ups, leaving only D. as an original member. Today with a more consolidated line-up, the band has three albums, one EP and one demo, having already gone through a European tour and several shows in their home country. The album called "Reaching Beyond Assiah" was recorded in Sweden and in the Netherlands."

The album has seven songs, and "Bliss of Soul" is the first. The music is fast, and furious, but there are also some melodies amidst the chaos. Dark, dangerous tones abound, and the vocals are vile utterances. Like BEHEMOTH, this band has a black spot where their soul should be, and the music is powerful, indeed. "To Burn This World and Dissolve the Flesh" is another fast moving song, where the lines between Black Metal and Melodic Death Metal are blurred a bit. The extended instrumental section is actually quite charming, followed by some really nice lead work.

"Beyond the Realms of God" begins with clean guitar tones that are solemn, and stark. Consider the imagery the song title might conjure up when listening to this song. When the main riff slams in, the melodies are gorgeous, mighty, and majestic. What indeed lies beyond the realms of God? "The Unending Night" has yet another powerful and commanding sound. The rhythm guitars build much of the melody, which is just enough to temper some of the aggression of the music. "Everything That Becomes Nothing" is very aggressive and fast, and keeps a burning pace and an energetic sound throughout. The slow down after the half way mark is brief, but charming.

"The Serpent's Chant" had some very intricate guitar work that you can pluck from the heavy rhythms. Again, these rhythms provide much of the basis for the melody in the songs, which could get overtaken by the threatening nature of the music, but the band lets them ride out. The title track closes the album. The song draws a deep breath, and then takes the plunge head first. A slow grind of depression and despair resume, and it doesn't let up until your last hope fades. From Wiki, "Assiah in Hebrew, literally "the world of action," and Aishah in Arabic is the last of the four spiritual worlds of the Kabbalah, based on the passage in Isaiah 43:7. It is identical with the existing world that we live in."

Overall, I really enjoyed the album, and the consistent line-up as of late has done wonders for the band's sound. I like the way the band blurs the lines between Melodic Black and Melodic Death Metal, and the compositions have strength, and honor, which you can hear reflected in the music. Close your eyes and play this through from start to finish and let it soak will cleanse you with its filth.

8 / 10









"Reaching Beyond Assiah" Track-listing:

1. Bliss of Soul
2. To Burn This World and Dissolve the Flesh
3. Beyond The Realms of God
4. The Unending Night
5. Everything That Becomes Nothing
6. The Serpent's Chant
7. Reaching Beyond Assiah

Outlaw Lineup:

D. (Daniel Souza)
T. (Tommi Tuhkala)
A. (Amilcar Rizk)

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