Waiting for Daybreak


MelodicRock Records announces the return of OUTLASTED with their second album "Waiting For Daybreak," released […]
August 28, 2019
Outlasted - Waiting for Daybreak album cover

MelodicRock Records announces the return of OUTLASTED with their second album "Waiting For Daybreak," released worldwide July 26. "The new album "Waiting For Daybreak" was recorded over a two year period starting right after the release of the debut. We had six songs written and demoed when "Into The Night" was released. We had a clear vision of what we wanted the next album to sound like" says producer and guitarist Terje Fløyli. The album is once again mixed by Ronny Wikmark at Touchdown Studio in Trondheim, Norway. The artwork is designed by Nello Dell'Omo at Art For Music in Naples, Italy and mastering is done by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, California USA.

"The new album is a natural progression from the debut and showcases a more mature approach to the songwriting process. The first one was written over a ten year period and the lyrics were mostly about love and break ups. The songs on the new album is more uplifting and inspirational." says keyboardist Odd-Børge. The album contains twelve tracks. "All Because of You" is a tender little song that features keyboards prominently. The chorus features wonderful background vocals and is big and rich. "Time Mends a Broken Heart" has a melancholic sound as the title might suggest. Glenn has smooth vocals and although he isn't reaching for the stars, it fits the music perfectly. I feel like it's 1988 again. "She's the One" is mid-tempo rocker high with harmony. Man do these guys know how to deliver a chorus! The smooth and mellow song has a fade-out at the end.

"Learning to Live Again" has a stronger, more energetic approach, reminding me a bit of JOURNEY in the music. Glenn stretches out a bit in the chorus into the upper ranges of his voice. A keyboard bridge connects the choruses nicely. "Owner of my Heart" opens with a strong guitar riff and easy-listening vocals. This is the kind of album that you can just pop in and let it play while you have a care-free day. The balance between the tough guitar riff and the tender keys is done perfectly. "Come Hell or High Water" has a slower, sexy groove to it. This might be the first song that is just...ok. It doesn't blow me out of the water but the tender touch is noteworthy. "Jane's Got a Lover" is a fast rocking bluesy song that will have you start tapping your foot and bobbing your head.

"After all these Years" is the "power-ballad" on the album, featuring piano, clean guitars, and the smooth vocals of Glenn Wikran. It creates a longing for the 1980's and the music I grew up on. "Moment in Time" closes the album, opening with keys, bass and vocals. "Will we meet again, down the line, with nothing in our way?" he queries. It's a pretty good closing song but the album flattened a bit down the stretch. Overall, it was an easy listening album that had all of the elements you would want out of a good AOR band. The cover is fantastic...those shades of purple realty shine. Wikran's vocals are perfect for the round and soft music, which can get edgy at the proper moments.

8 / 10









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"Waiting for Daybreak" Track-listing:

1. All Because of You
2. Time Mends a Broken Heart
3. She's the One
4. Lighthouse
5. Learning to Live Again
6. Owner of my Heart
7. Chains of Destiny
8. Come Hell or High Water
9. Jane's got a Lover
10. After all these Years
11. Dedication
12. Moment in Time

Outlasted Lineup:

Glenn Wikran - Vocals
Terje Fløyli - Guitars
Odd-Børge Hansen - Piano & Keyboards
Aleksander Schjølberg - Bass
Rune Erling Pedersen - Drums

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