Out of This World

Out of This World

Out of this World is the self-titled debut, released over a year ago in Japan, […]
By Sarah Tijan
April 4, 2022
Out of This World - Out of This World album cover

Out of this World is the self-titled debut, released over a year ago in Japan, and now being released in the USA from Atomic Fire Records, is proof that Melodic rock is not stagnant as I've read and heard several times. It's not on the radio, should it be, yes? But will it, we all know that answer. Melodic rock is there, but you have to look for it, and Out of this World is proof. From the mind of Kee Marcello, comes a band that deserves respect, from all their previous experience and endeavors, they know Melodic rock. Adding the talent in the band is Tommy Heart, Ken Sandin and Darby Todd, all with achievements and successes of their own.

Coming from a band like EUROPE, it's hard not to compare the two, there are similarities, that can be with any band, if you dig deep enough. Those similarities aside, Tommy Heart and band create a solid Melodic rock album, full of future anthems, heavy guitar riffs and a vocal range that can't be ignored.

"Twilight" starts off the album, a building keyboard experience that would rival a STYX song any day, more than that it has guitar pouring out, and striking vocals that catches you, full of energy and creates a great lead into the album.

The next few songs on the album are much the same as "Twilight", bringing the keys and vocals, melodic and well created production, with a band of this proportion, it's not surprising to hear such strong writing and production.

"Staring Into The Sun" shifts the sound and gives more focus to the talents of Kee and the guitar, along with deeper themes. This track is not overwhelming in the sense that it's hard to follow, but delves deeper into reality, as Melodic and Prog rock is known to do.

If I had to pick a track to shine, and stick out and show the world, just what the band is about, it would be "The Warrior", a track that you could have heard back in 1982, with a mixture of pop star and guitar god mixed together, creating a powerful upbeat song about making what you want to happen happen, unleashing the warrior in you.

Out of this world round off their debut album with a power ballad, and why wouldn't they? "Only you can Teach me to Love Again", a calm quiet song, with beautiful piano and vocals that complete a well-rounded, well produced album, full of guitar, talent and Melodic rock.

All together Out of This World, has a great start as a band, for their first release all the players bring to the tracks, creating a strong flowing album, that you can easily listen to over and over, and not get tired of, and you want to hear more. This album could have easily been released any year, from 1980 on and get the same reaction from me, releasing in 2022, Out of This World, fills a void in music by creating and staying true to what Melodic rock is, while evolving to create a sound that is unique enough to stand out, yet familiar enough to fit in.

10 / 10









"Out of This World" Track-listing:

1. Twilight
2. Hanging On
3. In A Million Years
4. Lighting Up My Dark
5. Staring At The Sun
6. The Warrior
7. Up To You
8. Only You Can Teach Me How To Love Again

Out of This World Lineup:

Tommy Heart - Lead vocals
Kee Marcello - Guitars, keysboard, backing vocals
Ken Sandin - Bass, backing vocals
Darby Todd - Drums

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