The Ideal...The Actual

Our Last Crusade

It was not easy to find information on the band and there was conflicting facts […]
By Johnny Jackal
December 31, 2015
Our Last Crusade - The Ideal...The Actual album cover

It was not easy to find information on the band and there was conflicting facts about the composition of the band. I had to check out their Facebook Page as well as their official page to know more about it. According to their Facebook Page they are looking for a new singer but anyways, I put all the names of the members that participated on this album as best as I could. As for live shows afterwards, I wouldn't really know where they stand to be perfectly honest.

The album cover is wickedly awesome and reminds me a lot of the Folk Metal bands from Europe more than anything else. I was really hoping this was not another Christian Metal band! Let's just say, it really doesn't reflect at all the musical stylings of OUR LAST CRUSADE.

OUR LAST CRUSADE means (well according to the band) a last ditch attempt to do something together. They had their own different bands and it never really gelled until they formed this band. So it was like a last effort to unite and do something everybody liked.

Well I wasn't impressed by this Calgary Alberta based band. I thought they did not stand out in the Metalcore or Djent Genre. A lot of the songs are interchangeable and sound alike. The quality of the recording is really top notch for an independent band and they really did a great job there. Jason Suecof (he produced a number of Quebec based bands like NEURAXIS, BENEATH THE MASSACRE and KATAKLYSM) really did an awesome job producing this album and it deserves a nod from my part.

Anyways, a few songs do stand out from the rest. ''Vessel of Vices'' remind me of the some of the better stuff that TRIVIUM has put out of their last albums. I really like the breakdowns in this song and they try to alternate with clean and harsh vocals. The intro with the clean vocals really hooked me in. The song starts out fast, then slows down and finishes off strong with some really fast guitar riffs.

''Machination'' is the second song off of this album and is the more technical sounding song. I almost thought I was listening to some Prog Metal at the beginning and reminded me a lot of PERIPHERY. This song reminds me a lot of what LAMB OF GOD was doing at the beginning of their career as BURN THE PRIEST but with a Prog Metal twist. I enjoyed this song much more than anything on this album.

''Wolf in Winter'' does also remind me of LAMB OF GOD but the much more recent stuff (like ''Resolution'') from the Randy Blythe band. The voice is much harsher than Randy's but it has the same edginess as the Metalcore Pioneers.

''Age of Distraction'' might be the best song of the album and the producer actually played on this song. There is much more guitar solos on this song than any other song on this album. I believe it gives more freedom to the rest of the band to show what they can do. We have less harsh vocals and more instrumental parts. It was a nice change of pace from the rest of the stuff on the CD.

''Tale of a Broken Man'' is the slowest song off the album, we almost could consider this as a Doom Metal song. It has that horror movie beginning and ends with the same eerie feeling as watching an old horror movie in the basement of your parents' house when you were a kid. This song really stands out and showed they could do something else than Metalcore.

The Voice of the singer is fine for the genre but I would have loved to be able to hear the lyrics more clearly (than reading them on their Bandcamp page to be honest). Its one of my pet peaves as a music lover, you know I want to be able to hear the words coming off of the singer's voice. That's probably why I don't really like anything that is Grindcore. Take a peak on the Bandcamp website, you'll see some amazing lyrics. They are thought provoking and very deep, that is one thing I highly enjoyed reading when I was listening to the album. The guys took their time writing really good lyrics and nice intros to their songs. There are two songs that begin with a narrator (with a very deep and distorted voice): ''Revelation'' and ''Wolf in Winter''. I really enjoyed it but I felt it didn't really fit with the songs though.

As for the rest of the album, it sounds like a carbon copy of BLACK DAHLIA MURDER with a dash of MESHUGGAH. I don't know if it's one of the main influences but it sure sounded a lot like them. ''Legacy'', ''Postmodern Man'', ''Borne by the Best Intentions'' and ''Don't Let Dreams Die'' could have been mistaken from something off of BLACK DAHLIA MURDER or MESHUGGAH's last album. They are aggressive songs and it resonates throughout their lyrics as well. It's nothing original but these are songs you want to bang your head to and do a circle pit with a bunch of other metalheads!

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"The Ideal...The Actual" Track-listing:

1. Don't Let Your Dreams Dies
2. Machination
3. Vessel Of Vices
4. Borne By The Best Intentions
5. Revelation
6. The Wolf In Waiting
7. The Age Of Distraction (feat. Jason Suecof)
8. Legacy
9. Postmodern Man
10. Tale Of A Broken Man

Our Last Crusade Lineup:

Scotty Wilson - Vocals
Keifer Hicks - Bass
Brady Schmidt - Guitar
Kyle Prusky - Guitar
Steve Swanky - Drums

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