Ecstasy and Danger (Reissue)


I am reviewing the second of four albums from the Belgium heavy metal band OSTROGOTH. […]
September 10, 2023
Ostrogoth - Ecstasy and Danger (Reissue) album cover

I am reviewing the second of four albums from the Belgium heavy metal band OSTROGOTH. This is their first full-length album titled "Ecstasy and Danger" originally released in 1984 and has now been reissued on High Roller Records on September 15, 2023. A brief history of the band that formed in 1976 that released one EP and three albums between 1983 and 1987, before disbanding shortly thereafter all while going through the typical band lineup changes and various musical styles. This is an interesting task for me, reviewing all four reissues from one band. As I dive into this album after giving a less that positive review on their debut effort "Full Moon's Eyes", I will wipe the slate clean and listen with an open mind and no preconceived assumptions or conclusions.

We start the ball rolling with "Queen Of Desire" with a very unexpected but very welcome Eddie Van Halen style savage guitar lick rolling effortlessly into a brooding riff and polished vocals, a much more hardened and tighter sound than on the debut EP, and even though it's the same line-up, there's an immediate contrasting feel and sound especially in the vocals, they're more balanced and impassioned. Now let's see where the title track "Ecstasy And Danger" takes us.

This has to be the craziest comparison I've ever written, but this song sounds like a combination of KISS and BLONDIE, ("I Was Made for Loving You" and "Call Me") it does have a very infectious riff and perky, playful licks, and despite that odd, disco-like combination, has a fairly rocking attitude. "Scream Out" is a galloping romp through with a classic NWOBHM riff and melody enriched by a burning and solid solo courtesy of Rudy Vercruysse. Opening up with more harsh and gritty vocals that over power on "The New Generation" with a roller coaster ride of riffs and tempo changes that create a dissonant, unbalanced overall song. The rough production on this one makes it a hard listen.

"Ecstasy and Danger" brings a tad bit more to the table than the debut EP I reviewed earlier. There are some rockers, some decent guitar licks tossed in and well, let's say some Avant-grade melodies amongst the eight songs. There were some magical moments, just not enough, but more questionable moments. They definitely added some edge and make some production and mastering adjustments, but overall just too inconsistent and unfulfilling.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Ecstasy and Danger (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Queen Of Desire
2. Ecstasy And Danger
3. A Bitch Again
4. Stormbringer
5. Scream Out
6. Lords Of Thunder
7. The New Generation
8. Do It Right 

Ostrogoth Lineup:

Rudy Vercruysse - (R.I.P. 2015) lead guitar
Marc de Brauwer - vocals
Hans van de Kerckhove - guitar
Marnix van de Kauter - bass
Mario Pauwels - drums

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