A Million To One

Osmium Guillotine

OSMIUM GUILLOTINE is a Heavy Metal band based out of Great Leighs, Essex, England formed […]
By Eric Poulin
November 21, 2018
Osmium Guillotine - A Million To One album cover

OSMIUM GUILLOTINE is a Heavy Metal band based out of Great Leighs, Essex, England formed back in 2009. The band has released a number of EP's over the years and this is only their 2nd full length, entitled "A Million To One", released independently on September 14th, 2018.

"A Million to One" is the starting point here and is a longer track than I expected as an opener, clocking in at over 10 minutes. It starts off with a very dark and gloomy intro, and yes, the parallel one you can make is with the legendary BLACK SABBATH (not saying that just because of the rain effects either). I appreciate the vocals that have a CANDLEMASS side to them. The song borrows on the more traditional doom elements, but also from the almighty DIO. There is a slight METALLICA side to the song as well, who definitely knew how to pull off some epic longer tracks back in the day. But back to these guys, the gloomy tone of the song is really performed perfectly and just leaves you wondering what will happen next. Well, the answer is that the song speeds up slowly and goes into a different vibe more akin to old school NWOBHM or retro-Thrash Metal. It's like we just magically all got wrapped in leather and chains all of a sudden and heard a new version of Paul Dianno. I making a lot of jokes, but this is as dynamic of an opening track you will hear in 2018. It is a great dose of new and old school metal.

"He Played Rock 'n' Roll", is an ode to LEMMY, it really channels that Rock n' Roll meets Speed Metal side that LEMMY KILMEISTER did so well back in the day. If this one does not have your head banging relentlessly, I strongly recommend you check your pulse. The song even uses some references to songs that have been used in WWE by the likes of TRIPLE H including "The Game" and "King of Kings". It is a great tribute to a fallen icon.

"Through the Black Mirror" is a much more bass-driven song in the early stages and transitions into, you guessed it, IRON MAIDEN territory; lightning speed guitars and a 1980's style chorus. Who does not like to go back to those days anyway? This song made me smile from start to finish, which is a rare thing on a first-time listen. "Slay the Guillotar" does have an odd name, and I think you are not supposed to take it seriously (as most of the music these guys produce really). It has a thrashy vibe, once again, that you could compare to EXODUS or ANTHRAX with just the right ingredients of melody and rhythm guitar picking. The chorus I am sure would make JOEY BELLADONNA proud, as it clearly takes its foundation from the forefathers of positive Thrash Metal.

"Metal Man" is a slower number with a more melancholic tone and shows off the softer side, especially in the vocals that the band is capable of. Dan Mailer really shines through here in his performance. The album closer "Only Famous (When You're Dead)" is everything you'd expect and want in a final track; energy, passion, a chorus that packs a punch, and just enough repetition in the guitar riffs that will stick to your brain for hours after the album has finished. I have to say I was very impressed by these guys, who I had never heard of before listening to this release. Their influences are easy to recognize and they perform everything with a lot of energy, without ego, and seem to have a really good time doing it too. Check these guys out!<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"A Million To One" Track-listing:

1. A Million to One
2. He Played Rock 'n' Roll
3. Through the Black Mirror
4. Slay the Guillotar
5. Paradox
6. Metal Man
7. The Demon Within
8. Only Famous (When You're Dead)

Osmium Guillotine Lineup:

James Balcombe - Drums, Backing Vocals
Peter Keliris - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Lance Steele - Guitars
Josh Birch - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dan Mailer - Vocals

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