OSHIEGO is a Death/Thrash metal band formed in 2004 hailing from Singapore. They put out […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
March 22, 2022
Oshiego - Jaljalut album cover

OSHIEGO is a Death/Thrash metal band formed in 2004 hailing from Singapore. They put out their first demo in 2006 and followed up with an EP in 2009. The first of five full length releases called Woe to the Conquered was put out in 2011 and was characterized as a violent themed album with groovy riffs. In 2013 they released The Great Architect of Nothing and Crossing the Bridge of Siraat in 2015 to many great reviews. They are praised for combining new and old elements to their music that matches well with their war and carnage themed vocals. 2019 saw them release the forth record The Book of Wonders, working with a talented musician Jared Morgan. Now with a new line-up in place, multiple singles released, they have released the newest assault on the metal world Jaljalut.

The first track you come across is "Clerics of Corruption" and it shakes the ground upon which you stand. Explosive is an understatement as it delivers a powerful punch at every second. I heard the term up and coming young drummer when reading about Krzysztof, well he has arrived on this album with a vengeance. Combined with speed driven riffs that still manage to hold a groovy element in place, this first track barely lets you catch your breath. The deep menacing growl of Umar fits the next track "The Tribulation" to a tee as the instruments demolish all in its path. Commencing with a tasty riff it becomes a force as the song comes into form as a Death metal banger. Zul is in top form with this one, adding in a great solo on top of plenty of great riffs, showing he has many elements to his playing. "Litany of the Sea" takes on an old Thrash feel with some of the riffs, that makes you want to stomp and headbang until you can't any more. Mid-song has some off timing drumming and a cool flow to the music that catches you off guard before the guitar goes off on a nice solo, and comes off into a ridiculously fast double kick before ending off with a classic Death metal meets Thrash guitar lick.

The album has no shortage of great guitar work and the starting of "The Scourge" is no different, as it is as explosive and creative as hell. The bass is also very active throughout the song and most of the album as it quietly creates the chaos needed without being subdued. The aggressive vocals of Umar releases pure energy and power with each syllable directed to the listener and is holding nothing back. "A Death Sentence" is a fistful of vengeance with the vocals and lyrics right to your face. With maddening drums and destructive guitars, the vocals are intensified to a strong degree as the band feeds off of each other with each song on the album. "A Notice of War" embodies the emotions that come with the word war itself. Krzysztof's blasts work effectively with the blistering guitars, before stomping down with some Death metal grooves.

"World Demise" is credited to Khan for the songwriting, and seems to bring on rage in its purest form. Blistering guitars and relentless drums battle the forces of sound as the vocals wreak havoc on the unjust. "Of the Flesh" engulfs you with a plethora of riffs that gather momentum as the song carries on and they do not let up. Destructive force that they become is only matched by the relentless drums that are with it every step of the way. This is Death metal at its finest and can be enjoyed throughout the world. The album finishes off with the titled track "Jaljalut" and though my senses have been assaulted for eleven tracks, I still want more. A cool guitar intro gives you a taste of what is to come, followed by a deep demonic growl and we are back to it. You can feel more of the bass in this song at times, but is not lacking at all on any of the tracks. The vocals become almost chant-like towards the end of the track, but until then are as intense as ever and with the thundering destruction of the drums to back them, has this release ending with the pure essence of power that it began with.

This is a great album! Upon listening to the first few tracks you get the sense that these guys are not half-assing anything. The guitars are fluid and creative, drums are relentless and on point, and you can feel the power delivered by the vocals. I understand that Krzysztof was brought in for the sessions, but I would be okay with him jumping on board! A great release that deserves your time to give it a try, and I say this to all metalheads of the world. Hope to be able to catch them live as the energy summoned up by the tracks, would be well worth it.

10 / 10









"Jaljalut" Track-listing:

1. Clerics Of Corruption
2. The Tribulation
3. The Book Of The Sea And Gnosis And The Subtleties Of Elevated Things
4. Litany Of The Sea
5. The Scourge
6. A Death Sentence
7. Wrath Of Khan
8. A Notice Of War
9. World Demise
10. Of The Flesh
11. Provenance
12. Jaljalut

Oshiego Lineup:

Umar Khan - Vocals
Zul Bharoocha - Guitars, bass
Krzysztof Klingbein - Session drums

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