Russia is a BIG market. It's really a wonder how this huge country has so […]
By Michael Dalakos
September 13, 2005
Orgazmadrom - DEMO album cover

Russia is a BIG market. It's really a wonder how this huge country has so few representatives in the world's music scene. It has probably something to do with the geopolitical conditions of the past. The thought that there shouldn't be any professional musicians over there should be considered naive, not to mention stupid.
Orgazmadrom is a fine example (regarding their professional profile) of how wrong such an assumption could be. The band has existed for more than thirteen years, they've already released a full length album and they are quite active regarding their live schedule (their biography mentions more than 50 performances every year!). Their new attempt is professionally recorded at the House Of Music Studio with Achim Koehler as the producer. That's something I don't get to see with every promo CD reaching my hands.
Unfortunately their music didn't impress me. Typical Gothic Rock in the vein of H.I.M. and most Finnish Rock acts that spawn sporadically every now and then. The four songs included in this promo CD are classic FM friendly tunes, with catchy refrains. The accent of Igor Kurshakov might sound a bit strange to most people's ears but I had no problem with that.
Without being bad I can't really say that the material here touched me. Yeah, I am a fan of Charon & Co. but most of these acts are more heavy oriented. Fans of the genre might want to take a look at this release.

"DEMO" Track-listing:

Love Me
Pouring My Heart Out

Orgazmadrom Lineup:

Sergey Bushmakin - Drums
Ilya Hanzin - Guitars
Dmitry Gornov - Keyboards
Igor Kurshakov - Bass & Vocals

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