The End


ORDOS describes its own humble origins the best. A Swedish band inspired by the underground […]
By Dave Nowels
March 4, 2019
Ordos - The End album cover

ORDOS describes its own humble origins the best. A Swedish band inspired by the underground Stoner metal scene, formed by three like minded individuals, they rose from the ashes, mold, dirt and remains of former bands of what the local authorities call, "the shithole of Uppsala". Experimentation and an open mind were key. When one guitar wasn't enough, they added another and so on until they achieved what they wanted.

So what is ORDOS? We've already established the influence of Stoner Metal, but there's much more happening within their sonic landscape. Those paying attention will pick up the blended subtleties of Black Metal, Bluesy Psych and more, all anchored in place by a solid foundation of Stoner Metal. Here the band have released their third album, and seemed poised to make a significant impact. Opening with the intro "Exordium", one gets the sense of entering a long dark and damp hallway, unsure of what might be lies ahead. What one finds is a door that leads to "The End". It's a menacing heavy track and one that relies significantly on the theatrics of Black Metal. The song rages on strongly to its conclusion.

"The Hunter of Hades" begins next and it seems as though we've passed into another passageway. The engaging riff precedes powerful vocals and a captivating guitar duel, all solidified by the thunderous backbone laid down by the rhythm section. "Embrace the Dark" achieves a sinister presence created by the slow riffs and leaning more heavily on the Stoner Psych influence. Lots of fuzz and a doomy, gloomy vocal chant highlight this one. "III" is the longest track here, and ORDOS use it well, building it in a similar manner as the opening intro track. Hints of chants almost make one visualize some dark ritual taking place. It's as is the interspersed guitars reveal the nature some of the sorcery, while the vocals call forth the ancients.

"Upsala (S:t Erik)" wastes absolutely no time. Instead, the song follows a blistering riff driven pace that borders on Thrash. It one of the shorter tracks, but one of my favorites. "Ginny" follows, and reveals the only weakness I can find. Nearly every song opens with a single guitar playing a similar riff each time. It's certainly not a deal breaker by any means, but it's noticeable. Yet, just like that, the album's closer, "Omega" shifts direction with its opening. This time the focus is on percussion and the bass, before a melodic guitar part weaves its way into prominence. It's a welcome change, and one I would have liked to have seen utilized a tad more. "Omega" was another highlight.

ORDOS have released a strong effort here with "The End". They're a band that have seemingly tackled trial and error and come out triumphant. Whether lineup changes or other difficulties they've risen out of the rubble more knowledgeable, and that's reflected in this album beginning to end.

8 / 10









"The End" Track-listing:

1. Exordium
2. The End
3. The Hunter of Hades
4. Embrace the Dark
5. III
6. Upsala (S:t Erik)
7. Ginny
8. Omega

Ordos Lineup:

Emil - Vocals
CW - Guitar
Gustav - Guitar
Martin - Bass
Max - Drums

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