Seven Years Of Famine

Order Of Isaz

"Seven Years Of Famine" speaks many things in many ways. With the different haunting tone, […]
By Shwetha Kamath
May 6, 2014
Order Of Isaz - Seven Years Of Famine album cover

"Seven Years Of Famine" speaks many things in many ways. With the different haunting tone, there is more of gothic side to it. Like Type o Negative, maybe this band is new hope for powerful Gothic fans. The opening track "The Coalesce" didn't impress me but then it progressed to different level.

Tobias Sidegard has a charm for his vocals to pull out the unique voice to Gothic level. There is wavery of tone with hint of different soothing and mere mystery in that voice.  Riffs are beautiful as it is, clean guitars of Magnu Naess puts even more beauty to it. Anders Bentell did a beautiful job on drumming. The word "Beautiful", "Mystery", "Lonesome" can be detected in every track of it. Track 5 "Drowning" is amazing than it sounds. There are more powerful gothic elements. It's like they are trying to up come with a different production of introspection in Gothic level.

"Dying Star" is perfection towards Gothic is beautiful with violin element. The bass provided by Johnny Hagel gives the blend. The album is well establishing and will drive any Gothic fan to add this album in their playlist. 9 tracks are epic but the band cannot be under-estimated for its potential. Seven years of Famine can be new type of Old school Gothic but then again its upto the listeners whether to listen to them or not. Even though not being a Gothic listener, I would assure that this album would give you the best listen.

Track "Father Death" has its perfect timing of the start to the end and not to mention, my favorite picks are "Drowning", "Screeching Owl" which has certain mysterious sound into it, "Dying Star" because the clean guitars and the vocals just blend into a new piece of amalgamation of Gothic nature and last favorite is the "UmbraSombra" which is really diamond polishing kind of track with an enchanting riff.

Last of all, this band has struggled its way. Formed in 2009 and launching their first album after five long years, they made a progress. "Seven Years Of Famine" is their gift to Gothic Metal. Let's cherish it.

7 / 10


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"Seven Years Of Famine" Track-listing:

1. The Coalesce
2. The Blackened Flame
3. Screeching Owl
4. Dancing Shadows
5. Drowning
6. UmbraSombra
7. Father Death
8. Spirit (Dead Can Dance Cover)
9. Dying Star

Order Of Isaz Lineup:

Tobias Sidegard - Vocals / Guitar
Magnus Naess - Guitar
Johnny Hagel - Bass
Anders Bentell - Drums

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