Tales Of Pythia


The Irish band ORACLE immerse themselves in the legends of Greek Mythology to bring forth […]
By Kevin Burke
December 4, 2018
Oracle - Tales Of Pythia album cover

The Irish band ORACLE immerse themselves in the legends of Greek Mythology to bring forth an Ep of aggression pact horror in "Tales Of Pythia", layered with energy and driven by addictive grooves, this is hell let loose over five-tracks of delicious doom metal. The five-piece from Belfast, N.Ireland have been knocking at the door of international notoriety for the past number of years, an appearance at the Bloodstock festival earlier this year has created a wider audience and a momentum is building so this release has arrived at the right time.

A one-minute collision of industrial-death opens the five-strong set, "Deny" may be short but it is still a very compacted display, an electric surge of what is to come, an overture of annihilation if you like. "No God Waits For You" twists and turns, beneath the growling-vocals as a hypnotic drum-assault which is front and center to the sound, there is a conviction in the words spat fourth from lead singer Jason Kerr as he lets the destruction of humanity becomes a thing of reality pulled from you very nightmares.

"The High Priestess" launches with a wall of guitars before the tempo changes flinging the listener headfirst into the dark-abyss, this is the standout on the set, all that the band are about is written within these five-minutes. As "Burn The Nameless" detonates with a larynx breaking growl, the guitar sound comes into its own, a beast breaks free and runs rampage, echoes of SLAYER, the heavy bass run grooves in and out grounding the song, as the tempos change the band react in unison.

"Prison" is an all out assault, that drumming by Rhys Fraser is commendable, they are in top-gear but the death-machine at no time breaks down or loses focus, instead it ticks over as if a Harley-Davidson straight out of hell is running towards the climax, a guitar solo screams and breaks free, it is the same intensity as the rest of the noise which has been forged behind it.

"Tales Of Pythia" by ORACLE is a stunning debut of doom-Metal, which mixes the occult, myths and politics brilliantly, the workhorse effort brings out a powerful display, the band have thrown their passion and souls into the mix bringing out an EP of great depth, hardcore fans and lovers of the death and groove metal scene will be in awe of this although it is not for the faint-hearted.

8 / 10









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"Tales Of Pythia" Track-listing:

1. Deny
2. No God Waits for You
3. The High Priestess
4. Burn the Nameless
5. Prisons

Oracle Lineup:

Jason Kerr - Vocals
Connor McDonald - Guitar
Jake Dornan - Guitar
Caolan Derby - Bass
Rhys Fraser - Drums

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