Machine Man

Oracle Sun

ORACLE SUN are an Italian Power Progressive Metal band, hailing from Lucca, Italy. The sextet […]
By Leanne Evans
January 29, 2021
Oracle Sun - Machine Man album cover

ORACLE SUN are an Italian Power Progressive Metal band, hailing from Lucca, Italy. The sextet is an experienced literal 'Power powerhouse', with the founder and drummer of the band, Frank Andiver, formerly of Labyrinth and Wonderland and bass player Alessandro Cola, previously of Mandragora Scream and Shining Fury. Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel) provides the epic vocals, with Tommy Pellegrini (Shining Fury) and Giacomo Paradiso (Fallen Arise, EGO) on guitars and Alessio Pascucci (EGO) on keyboards. After a 15-year hiatus, "Machine Man" is the band's second studio release and contains nine tracks. Don't be fooled into thinking the band have lost their musical prowess; in fact, the challenges they've overcome in this time have clearly added to their resilience and positively summoned their creative juices!

"Edge of Life" is a phenomenal intro to the album, combining an atypical rousing upbeat tempo, strong bass work from Alessandro and deep and heavy melodic riffs that collectively bring the guitars together harmoniously. The track has traditional accents with some muted growls in the background halfway through and Frank provides astounding energy to the drums, guitar-work is glorious and vocals on-point; it sets the mood ready for "Million to Ascension" where the tempo literally ascends and the track morphs with some rousing harmonies and a sweet bit of shredding later in the track.

The abundant facets of ORACLE SUN are apparent in this album; their strength is the seamless transition from the frenetic peaks merging into unhurried lulls of wonder; "Fallin' Time" is a perfect example. The smooth and sultry guitar intro is quietly reminiscent of Maiden's 'Wasting Love' and gives way for an absolute treat of nearly a minute of smooth piano chords and a reflective vibe that crescendos organically for an energetic climax later in the song which continues into "Machine Man". The title piece doesn't disappoint; Wild transforms his usually dulcet tones into a rough gravelly sound in the intro. Futuristic and aptly mechanical vibes whir throughout the song, again creating another talented alternative vibe from the band. The futuristic theme continues and initially comes through in "Sunset Feelings", with some impressive effects reverberating and the keyboard intertwining nicely, and quickly changes to aggressive acoustic, producing a more energetic up-tempo feel.

We then move forward to the 6th track "Look Behind Me". It's an enthralling, emotionally charged and captivatingly composed power ballad. With a mutualistic respect given to the acoustic guitars and Wild's dramatic vocals, it's hard not to fall in love with this track. The general vibe of is of reflective sincerity and, at 2.54, it gives way to a snippet of a gorgeous guitar solo that you're ready to immerse yourself in; frustratingly it only last 15 seconds... I love it, I want more!!

"Coming Back" has to be my absolute favourite track on Machine Man in all its high-octane glory. It's chunky with substance, has that catchy hook that ORACLE SUN, in my opinion, have become so successfully synonymous with throughout the album, and possesses all the pomp and orchestral grandeur we respect Power Metal for and expect from it.

Wild Steel's vocals are. To. Die. For. Think of an amalgamation of Bruce Dickinson, Dio and Scorpion's Klaus Mein; Wild has his own uniquely ballsy flawless sound, without pretention, but with every bit of relatable sensuality to the introspective thematic "Machine Man" creates. Lyrically, the songs don't push the boundaries, but they have their own quiet authenticity and you certainly understand this album is a cathartic release after the passing of the band's former guitarist Vic Mazzoni. Overall, a beautifully understated tribute that ORACLE SUN should be incredibly proud of and an album that's aurally orgasmic.

8 / 10









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"Machine Man" Track-listing:

1. Edge of Life
2. Million to Ascension
3. Fallin' Time
4. Machine Man
5. Sunset Feelings
6. Look Behind Me
7. Daydream
8. Calling
9. Coming Back

Oracle Sun Lineup:

Frank Andiver - Drums
Alessandro Cola - Bass
Alessio Pascucci - Keyboards
Tommy Pellegrini - Guitars
Giacomo Paradiso - Guitars
Wild Steel - Vocals

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