OPERADYSE is a Power Metal with Symphonic elements emerging from France. They were formed back […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
December 30, 2013
Operadyse - Pandemonium album cover

OPERADYSE is a Power Metal with Symphonic elements emerging from France. They were formed back in 2006, took them three years to release a debut EP named "Hope Era Dies". Just a little while ago the band signed with a joint venture of SPV / Sonic Attack for the release of their debut full-length album "Pandemonium".

Throughout this album I found every bit of song to be more than welcoming and pleasurable. "Rise", a near perfect intro, like a soundtrack from a movie, moving in with a lead violin, for the welcoming of "Celestial Sword", merging a spectacular vibe of Euro Power Metal, brilliant lead guitar work, choir like vocals surging a magical atmosphere, reaching to the melodic and dynamic extents of STRATOVARIUS and also HELLOWEEN. Enjoyable during listening. "Keeper Of The Flame" has a thunderous stream of punching fast paced tempo and amazing symphonic tuning, matching the notations of RHAPSODY OF FIRE and DRAGONFORCE, musical expertise in such a catchy form that will entice you for sure. The opening choir on "Unfold Legend" sounds like something out of a POWERWOLF album, picturing high end melodic singing, cheery moody, with a shred of darkness. "Fairies Secret Garden" is a memorable shindig, tracing back to NIGHTWISH, easy to muster lyrically, darkened fairytale with a tad of the Power Metal shredding of WISDOM. Dynamic ambiance with dozens of melodic fragments, shining with power through the courses of "The Path Of Divine", inhabiting terrific female vocals and great riffing. Title track "Pandemonium" crushing with fast paced mania, providing the listener with the gift of melody exhaling mega powerful bombastic tune, this is Euro Power Metal folks. I would also recommend on the sweet ballad of "Frozen", the kick ass energetic track "Nevermore" with progressive lines and symphonic elements while also taking in "Arkanya" where a charming duet will usher you in.

OPERADYSE is none other than a high form of Metal demonstration, producing enchanting melodic energized music. "Pandemonium" will be the treat for Power Metal fans worldwide, with enough Symphonic aspects to have you all gathered around it. Probably one of the best French Metal bands I tuned in to in a while.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Pandemonium" Track-listing:

1. Rise
2. Celestial Sword
3. Unfold Legend
4. Keeper Of The Flame
5. The Path Of Divine
6. Fairies Secret Garden
7. Arkanya
8. Pandemonium
9. Nevermore
10. Frozen
11. My Paradise

Operadyse Lineup:

Franck Garcia - Vocals
Jennifer Lassalle - Vocals
Bastien Sablé - Keyboards
Damien Marco - Guitars
Emmanuel Colombier - Drums
Stéphane Lambert - Bass

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