It was difficult for me to believe that there are still new bands out there […]
By Dimitris Antoniou
March 7, 2002
Onward - Reawaken album cover

It was difficult for me to believe that there are still new bands out there that play old classic heavy metal. Until this wonderful CD came into my hands. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for Onward, a band that keeps the old traditions of heavy metal music going against every trend of the new millennium.
Reawaken is an album that follows the path drawn by all the legendary heavy metal bands of the 80s, like Fifth Angel, Leatherwolf, Loudness, Chastain and old Virgin Steel. The best thing though is that Onward don't simply copy that style. They took the sound where it was left in the early 90s and gave it a nice modern boost. Straightforward melodic heavy metal but without that over polished production that most of the new bands have gotten us used too. Clean baritone voice, rough guitars, clear heavy bass lines, nice melodic solos and drum rhythms that make your head want to headbang all the time. Toby Knapp's riffs will just stick to your head immediately. Brilliant without losing their simplicity, they give the perfect volume to Onward's music.
As it is written on the back cover of the promo CD, Onward are historians and innovators simultaneously.... I couldn't agree more with such description. Tracks like Reawaken, Where Evil Follows, Eye of the Nightmare and the amazing Who Saw the Last Star Fall, sound just if they have been released somewhere in the mid 80s. However they include all those aspects of modern heavy metal as it was defined in the 90s. Enhanced by more complicated rhythms and technical solos, it sounds fresh and original, yet classic and traditional.
One of the greatest moments in the CD is the 9 min song The Next Triumph. A true epic and magnificent song, it will knock you out with it's amazing melodies and powerful riffs. Michael Grant, the singer of the band, gives his best performance by showing his full potential. He is not the perfect singer but in that song he will surely amaze you if you like deep clean vocals.
Reawaken is an album that you must not miss, especially if you are a fan of the old classic heavy metal sound. But even if you are not, I suggest you to pick it up as soon as it is out (Release Date: 25th of March). It will satisfy even the most demanding audience.

8 / 10


"Reawaken" Track-listing:

Seven Tides of Labyrinthine
Where Evil Follows
Eye of the Nightmare
My Darkest Room
In Due Time
Clockwork Toy
Who Saw the Last Star Fall
The Next Triumph Pt 1: Remeberance
The Next Triumph Pt 2: Reawakening

Onward Lineup:

Michael Grant - vocals
Toby Knapp - guitar
Chris Payette - bass
Jon Pereau - drums

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