Killing Peace


Fuck yeah! One of the most interesting European Thrash Metal bands is back to breathe […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 12, 2007
Onslaught - Killing Peace album cover

Fuck yeah! One of the most interesting European Thrash Metal bands is back to breathe some life in the not so strong (nowadays) Thrash Metal scene. Many comebacks are mostly done just for some money. I won't comment their move since I don't care what their purpose is. The fact is that the cult Thrash legends are back and they are ready to kick some major ass! Just sit tight and reconsider if Thrash has died. My opinion, the flame is fucking burning!!!

British legendary thrashers ONSLAUGHT were formed back in 1983 in Bristol. The former members were Punk rockers Nige Rockett and Steve Grice. At first the band was more into Punk playing music influenced by EXPLOITED and GBH. They later turned into a more Thrash outfit. The band also once featured Steve Grimmett (GRIM REAPER) as a vocalist. Anyway, after three albums back in the 80's and 15 years of silence, ONSLAUGHT are back to kick some ass with their new album Killing Peace.

ONSLAUGHT seem to have been hungry for some Thrash Metal all those years and this time they couldn't stand it anymore. So, they decided to reunite and produce an album that defines 21st century's Thrash Metal. What the British legends do in this album is pretty similar to what EXODUS did. Their only difference is that ONSLAUGHT always had a sound that was a bit more brutal than many Bay Area bands at that time, so their music is not much different than it used to be. It is just that they have a great sound (credits go to the production) that makes their music modern (in a good way of course). Keeler's vocals are just what the scene requires nowadays, hi pitched and brutal when they have to be. As EXODUS did with Rob Dukes, ONSLAUGHT make a similar move that as it seems will have the same success. Their music is a bit different from the past, since the band follows a more Bay Area approach to Thrash Metal delivering an all out attack that resembles to greats of the genre like EXODUS (old and new), OVERKILL, FORBIDDEN and SACRED REICH. The two guitarists build a wall of awesome riffing that won't let you calm down even for a second. The one great riff is being thrown in your face right after the other. Combined with the great work of Hinder and Grice there could be no better ending to this Thrash Metal holocaust from Keeler's microphone raping!

Killing Peace is a great album that proved that ONSLAUGHT's comeback is not just a shitty try to earn some extra money. If this is their only goal, at least they do it with style! I hope the band can earn the fame it didn't manage to earn back in the 80's. They truly deserve it! Ahhh, it's good to see that with releases like SLAYER's Christ Illusion, Shovel Headed Kill Machine by EXODUS and Killing Peace Thrash Metal is still alive. Thank God, these bands can still produce great anthems that can show the way to younger people. I will just wait for the new DEFIANCE album. I hope it will kick some ass as well!

8 / 10


"Killing Peace" Track-listing:

Killing Peace
Destroyer Of Worlds
A Prayer For The Dead
Tested To Destruction
Twisted Jesus
Planting Seeds Of Hate
Shock & Awe

Onslaught Lineup:

Sy Keeler - Vocals
Nige Rockett - Guitar
Al Jordan - Guitar
James Hinder - Bass
Steve Grice - Drums

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