Deep Breath

One Year Delay

Nu­Metal that dominated my JNCO Jeans wearing, chain wallet toting "edgy" middle-school days. I longed […]
By Calen Nesten
January 1, 2016
One Year Delay - Deep Breath album cover

Nu­Metal that dominated my JNCO Jeans wearing, chain wallet toting "edgy" middle-school days. I longed for the days of Rap-Metal, egging houses, and getting sick off of Mountain Dew. I was hooked by the first track, "Gunpoint", it sounded like a cross between STATIC X and COLD. A few tracks in to "Deep Breath" I noticed that things were getting  weird, I was too distracted by distant memories of 3D-Doritos, frosted tips, and the word "extreme" to realize that "Deep Breath" wasn't actually very good. ONE YEAR DELAY eventually started to sound like a poor man's A PERFECT CIRCLE, which is to say, the guitar work is great but could have easily been ripped from countless other acts circa 1998 making the tracks sound a little dated. I did like the vocals at first but as the album went on they seemed increasingly whiny, flat and the lyrical content seemed ripped straight from my aforementioned Middle School angst fest of a diary. I might be being a little harsh here because a certain part of me really has a soft spot for ONE YEAR DELAY's style but it's a style that I have long abandoned and I'll admit that I'm still a bit embarrassed about liking bands like KORN and all who sound like them. I guess I've just been jaded by things like rent and bills to fully enjoy "Deep Breath" like would have when all I was worried about was trading Pokemon cards and finally beating the fucking Water Temple In Legend Of Zelda.


5 / 10


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"Deep Breath" Track-listing:

1. Gunpoint
2. Headhunters
3. Truth Dare Despair
4. Water Under The Bridge
5. Miss You
6. Try to Stay Alive
7. 5M 9K

One Year Delay Lineup:

Orestis Alimonos­ - Vocals
George Manesiotis­ - Bass
Nick Trimandlilis­ - Rhythm Guitar
Nick Kourmoundouros­ - Lead Guitar
Sotiris Papadeas­ - Drums
Steve Tsortras­ - Keys, Samples, & Backing Vocals

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