Grim Tales

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet

You probably already know ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, since the name of […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 15, 2008
One Man Army And The Undead Quartet - Grim Tales album cover

You probably already know ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET, since the name of the band's frontman is already known to you. Who doesn't remember the ass kicking melodic Death Metal act THE CROWN? After gathering some nice and talented musicians, Lindstrand was decided to prove that Death Metal is not something you forget. Thus, the third album by the Swedish metallers is going to be released in a few days from now.

The band decided to leave Nuclear Blast Records and become a part of the ever growing family of the German label Massacre. Except from the label change, the band's rhythm guitarist Pekka Kiviaho left to be replaced by Mattias Bolander. So, after two really good albums, here they are with their third one and as every band usually says, their best up to date!

I don't know if this is their best or worst album, but I definitely know that I missed some good melodic Death Metal. Lindstrand is a professional and a really talented musician who knows what he's doing. We all know that such kind of music is mostly based on the guitar riffing, which is sharp as a knife in this album! The guitars spit their poison in every song, bleeding the filth of Death Metal during every second! The good thing is that OMAATUQ have avoided the classic NWOSDM forms creating a weapon that balances between the Swedish melodic Death Metal scene and the Thrash Metal genre.

Mr. Lindstrand has kept some successful elements from THE CROWN, while adding the aggression of neo-Thrash and melodic Death Metal bands like THE HAUNTED, IMPIOUS and DARKANE. What impressed me was the band's energy. You can really feel the energy coming even from this 'cold' studio recording. It is like they are playing live but you just can't see them!

So you understand that if you are looking for an album that combines brutality with melody and catchiness, then Grim Tales is something more than a good choice. I suggest you check it out, and for you who don't even know this band, this is a really good time for you to do it!

7 / 10


"Grim Tales" Track-listing:

Black Clouds
Misfit With A Machinegun
Saint Lucifer
Cursed By The Knife
A Date With Suicide
Death Makes It All Go Away
Dominator Of The Flesh
Bonebreaker Propaganda
Make Them Die Slowly
The Frisco Reaper
Bastards Of Monstrosity

One Man Army And The Undead Quartet Lineup:

Johan Lindstrand - Vocals
Mikael Lagerblad - Guitar
Mattias Bolander - Guitar
Robert Axelsson - Bass
Marek Dobrowolski - Drums

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