Event Horizon

One Leg Man

ONE LEG MAN came together in Italy back in 2003 and have toured extensively throughout […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
January 31, 2023
One Leg Man - Event Horizon album cover

ONE LEG MAN came together in Italy back in 2003 and have toured extensively throughout their home country, opening up for bands like HATEBREED and LACUNA COIL. In 2007 they released a demo before putting out their debut full length album The Crack. It wasn't until 2015 that they released new material in the form of the bands second album titled Do You Really Think This World Was Made For You. They band has formed a strong fan base with their catchy and progressive metal, now they look to this new album Event Horizon, to further their following across the world.

The album starts off with the track "Chaos Theory". Not knowing what to expect for the band, I was caught a little off guard but not in a bad way. Catchy is very much the right word to use in this case but the song does grow on you as it plays through. The singing is clean and fits the profile of the band with well written lyrics. The music has a heaviness to it but the band pieces the songs together as they seem fit, meaning they have no problem relinquishing some of the heaviness for a catchy hook or a more atmospheric/progressive approach. Second track "Magnetar" plays into the atmospheric and psychedelic range that has some RUSH influence to it. The bass is solid on the whole release and sounds really well done, riffs and production wise. The song is upbeat, light and refreshing. The guitar on the titled track "Event Horizon" and at many points on the album has a symphonic symmetry to the riffs. On this track it is paired with a crunchy verse that flows into a catchy verse.

"Radiate" is built up from a smooth and saddening tone before bridging nicely into a solo. The story behind the song is from a movie called Passengers where the two characters live together in solitude and the band captures the emptiness and bond between the two. The album does have its more radio friendly songs with "The Line" and "Steric Hindrance" but they do have strong songwriting. The back half of the album hits a little heavier riff and tempo wise, with the tracks "Cosmos" and "Slaps Two By Two until They Become Odd" taking an almost thrash approach. This is applied more to the last track which features building and pounding drums work and a conflicting sinister tone to the clean sung vocals. It is a powerful song for the band to end the release on.

The album is not going to be rejoiced by all the metal community but it is hard to say that the album is bad. The songs are creatively constructed and it involves a mashing of various genres to keep the listener on their toes and not getting bored of the same old song and dance. The production is solid as the release sounds great and with the style of the songs, you can tell that there was work put into producing but not over producing. Not hard to tell why many people enjoy the work that the band puts out, but I can see why some people would not be so easily convinced at the same time.

7 / 10









"Event Horizon" Track-listing:

1. Chaos Theory
2. Magnetar
3. Event Horizon
4. The Line
5. Radiate
6. Steric Hindrance
7. Black Holes Have No Hairs
8. The Order Of Time
9. Cosmos
10. Slaps By Two Until They Become Odd

One Leg Man Lineup:

Christian Ceccardi - Vocals
Riccardo Sassi - Guitars
Riccardo Pinotti - Drums

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