Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance


“Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance” has certainly has its moments with its simple, fast, aggressive, and raw Thrash Metal, but it also sounds repetitive
December 18, 2023

OMISSION hailing from Madrid, Spain were formed in 2002. The blackened Thrash Metal outfit release their seventh full-length album. “Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance” was produced by Choco (CALIBREW ZERO), mixed and mastered by Choco and Gonzalo Vivero (HARDEAD). It has a length of more than 36 minutes. The album was released via Spanish label Xtreem Music, which has many Death, Black, and Thrash Metal bands among their current roster.

The album starts with the cinematic intro “Rabid Aggression” before starting the Thrash Metal attack with “Hatred Circles”. It is a classical Thrash Metal song with pace, aggression, and tight guitar riffing. The vocals are harsh and range between the medium and higher end of the vocal range with occasional screams. “Hatred Circles” was released as official lyric video, and the YouTube link is provided below. It is a promising start to the album, and it continues with “Shrouded Alive”, which is a very direct and simple track, played at blistering pace. Although the riffing is typical for Thrash Metal, there are a few Death Metal elements added such as the blast-beats. In fact, the whole track is a blast-beat festival with a mid-tempo break. The contrary to “Shrouded Alive” is the cover version of the Bruce Springsteen song “Roulette”. I am not quite sure why this one is part of the track list, but obviously the sound is very different compared to the other songs on the album, and the cover does not fit very well to the album. “Slow And Crooked” goes back to the Thrash sound of the album. It is a mid-tempo track with a head-banging rhythm. The riffing is powerful, and the basslines are crunching. The overall sound and the melodies are darker compared to the faster tracks. However, fans of pace and craziness will have their joy, as the there is a frantic break added, which is the highlight of the track. Altogether, Slow And Crooked” is with almost six minutes playing time a bit lengthy and monotone.

Burn The Cross” starts strongly with crushing riffs and basslines with a lot of pace and aggression. There are many tempo and rhythm changes throughout the track with the verse parts at crazy pace, a short bridge at a slow pace, and the chorus parts being a mixture of mid-tempo and up-tempo. The chorus parts include a lot of double-bass drumming, which makes the chorus lines even more powerful. “Conspiracy From Murks” keeps going with the tempo and the aggression in the riffing and vocals. The overall sound reminds me at times on the mid-80 sound of German Thrashers SODOM, apart from the vocals. “Conspiracy From Murks” includes once again a lot of double-bass and a few blast-beats. However, altogether, the track cannot keep up with many other on the album. “It’s Better To Burn Out” starts with an extended acoustic instrumental part as a two minute pre-lude, leading into the main part of the track driven by the guitar riffing at mid-tempo. This mid-tempo part lasts for about three minutes, transitioning into short part of insanity and chaos. “It’s Better To Burn Out” is an instrumental and it is one of the few tracks where the lead guitars are more prominent. The whole track has little technicality and little change in the riffing, melodies, and rhythm. It is by far the longest album track with more than 11 minutes playing time including a finale that almost lasts two minutes alone. The album finishes with “…Then To Fade Away” which is a grim guitar outro.

I am not quite sure what to make of “Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance”. The album leaves me with mixed feelings. It certainly has its moments with a few fast, aggressive, and raw Thrash songs on it. The album is not technical very comprehensive, but the short and fast tracks are surely enjoyable. On the other hand, there are a few lengthy tracks on it, where the simple sound becomes repetitive. The album sound indicates a very raw production, in fact, I felt listening to a demo at times. OMISSION deliver their seventh release and I am not sure whether “Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance” is among their best releases, however, fans of a very raw and simple Thrash Metal sound might dig the album.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Disciples Of Ravens Vengeance" Track-listing:
  1. Rabid Agression
  2. Hatred Circles
  3. Shrouded Alive
  4. Roulette (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN cover)
  5. Slow And Crooked
  6. Burn The Cross
  7. Conspiracy From Murks
  8. It’s Better To Burn Out
  9. …Then To Fade Away
Omission Lineup:

Patillas – Vocals, Guitars

Pizarro – Bass

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