The Anticurrent

Omega Infinity

From their EPK, "OMEGA INFINITY: The story of the endless cycle of birth and death […]
February 18, 2023
Omega Infinity - The Anticurrent album cover

From their EPK, "OMEGA INFINITY: The story of the endless cycle of birth and death told on a cosmic scale, being viewed from The Void that permeates the whole existence. "The Anticurrent" unleashed a very different view of The Void unto the listener. Rather than the blackness of space, the second album explores Time: From the Big Bang and the chaotic birth of the universe, the album's focus moves through the rise and fall of human civilization, while zooming back out to a cosmic scale to witness the inevitable end of the universe in the menacing finale." The album has seven songs.

"The Alpha" is the first. The scene is chaotic, with vocals and drums coming at you from several places. The riff is dissonant, but the piano notes are somewhat calming. It is reminiscent of the beginning of the universe. "Creation" is a more straightforward sound, with the rich vocals of Xenoyr." When he sings, it's almost as if he stirs the thick winds of the universe into a frenzy. The music is still fairly chaotic, but there is also a melody line to follow. There are haunting background effects as well. "Iron Age" features Adrienne Cowen. Again, that juxtaposition of sound is very intriguing, The music has an Industrial quality to it, as do the vocals. But holding the bottom down is a hypnotic melody line, which cuts against the rest of the music like a blade.

"Banish us from Eden" has a steady buzz in the background. Frail piano notes in the beginning lead to a barrage of drums and deep, dark elements. This song has an almost jovial electronic beat behind it, while the vocals rage relentlessly. "To the Stars" rattles out of the cage with a metallic sound. Electronics buzz in the background, while the song continues to expand. You get to peer into parts of the universe you have never seen...and the experience is downright frightening. "Death Rays" is a little more linear. Like the title however, there is a laser in the background hoarding light in an effort to set fire to the universe. The clean vocals of Lindsay Schoolcraft add another dimension to the song, done in a monotone setting. Tension begins to build, to the point where you think you are going mad.

The 12-minute epic "Voices from the End of Time" reminds you that this tale is coming to an end, and is foretelling your doom. Chaos builds, with more and more layers. The subtle keyboard layer keeps melody alive in the song. The vocal phrase "the stars have foretold the end of time" is both creepy and prophetic. On a crash course to self-destruction, the song finally slows at the half-way mark. The warnings grow more deadly..."we are the voices from the end of time." This phrase is presented so hauntingly, it reaches your very being.

As someone who has a phobia of space, this album was very hard to listen to, in that it brought these fears out of my subconsciousness and right up to my face. I have to admit, I craved the goosebumps of continual warning it brought up in me. The album was very expansive, and exploratory, and the music reflected the themes with deadly accuracy. Fans of traditional Black Metal probably won't appreciate this twisted take, but I found it fascinating and refreshing. Is this the cutting edge of a new wave of Black Metal?

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Anticurrent" Track-listing:

1. The Alpha
2. Creation
3. Iron Age
4. Banish us from Eden
5. To the Stars
6. Death Rays
7. Voices from the End of Time

Omega Infinity Lineup:

Tentakel P. - All Instruments
Xenoyr - Vocals

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