Volume One

Old Season

Right out of the blue, this album fell into my hands (thanks, Greg) and managed […]
By Michael Dalakos
November 23, 2005
Old Season - Volume One album cover

Right out of the blue, this album fell into my hands (thanks, Greg) and managed to monopolize my listening attention for a very serious period of time. I dare say that Old Season with Volume One managed to impress me like very few self-promoted bands ever have.
Hailing from Ireland, a country with relevantly few but exceptional acts, Old Season overcomes any ambition with the release of their self-financed debut Volume One. Their music can best be described as Epic Doom. Slow, massive with many Folk elements (of course, coming from a country with such a history what else can a man expect) but above all highly underground, destined for few.
Let me explain furthermore. I read several reviews mentioning that the band will reach stardom. I strongly disagree on this, though I hope they do so. However, it is quite obvious that the explosive mixture of elements used in the band's music is not for the masses of Heavy Metal music. They will probably end up as all the other elitist bands spawned from time to time (only to be remembered by a few diggers of Metal music). But what are these elements I am talking about?  
Well, it is quite obvious that some primitive influences by Manowar do exist. Some Candlemass are also in the mix. The extensive use of keyboards and other samples sound difficult to comprehend to some listeners but they help at maximum level to build an atmosphere and a silent tension. Special mention must be done about the stunning performance of Frank Brennan who is in my opinion one of the best theatrical voices I have ever heard in my life.
Gently balancing between Doom, Atmospheric, Folk and Epic Metal, Old Season never stop to amaze the listener with their magic-like crafted music. I dare say that bands like this one keep the flame of Metal burning in me. Invest without hesitation.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Volume One" Track-listing:

And Sands She Turned For Time
Mortals Of Mettle
The Claw
A Divine Plague
The Sky Burns
A Dwindling Seed

Old Season Lineup:

Frank Brennan - Vocals
Phillip Mahony - Guitar
Jim Blanchfield - Guitar
Dermod Smyth - Keys & Piano
Ciaran O' Neill - Bass
James Connolly - Drums

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