Two Mirrors

Oh Captive

OH CAPTIVE are coming from south west England and Describe themselves as an Alternative band. […]
By Matan "Shouter" Yaniv
March 15, 2015
Oh Captive - Two Mirrors album cover

OH CAPTIVE are coming from south west England and Describe themselves as an Alternative band. In 2012 the band has formed and not a long time after that came their debut EP. I received the second EP. As a big fan of a lot of the British Alternative bands' scene, I couldn't missed the chance in checking a brand new band in this kind.

The first track in the album is "Recover". It's a beautiful, melodic song with great lyrics and a most powerful chorus, an oldschool Alternative at its peak. Despite a lot of bands that playing Alternative, this band is not showing some electronic nonsense or sophisticated parts or any modern Alternative element. The band brings back the respect to the simplicity and to the oldschool and to the roots of genre. This simplicity is the best part in this band and its makes this song to sound really good. But "Motion No Motion" is not good as the first track, it's a lot better. It's not only a pure pleasure and the best song in this EP, it's a sure 90's hit that its very fun to hear. The bass parts are amazing, the chorus is very catchy, and its all makes the song to be a great hit.

"Live Fast Don't Last" is a little bit more modern and remind more Punk music. The song still standing on the band's original elements, but the addition of a little more power makes the song to be amazing. I think it's very good that in all of the songs in the EP there are a different things and a lot of different views on this band. With a lot of creativity, OH CAPTIVE brings the Alternative genre to a new edge in this new EP.

What makes me very impressed by the EP is that every song has a unique identity and unique authenticity. The band is not like a regular Alternative band in England, they are going against the wave of popular music and creating elements of their own. Keep an eye on this band, they have a very promising future.

10 / 10


"Two Mirrors" Track-listing:

1. Recover
2. Motion No Motion
3. Live Fast Don't Last
4. Two Mirrors

Oh Captive Lineup:

Tim Kelly - Vocals
Curtis King - Guitar
Tom Hitchins- Bass
Chris Hill - Drums

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