Giving Yourself Away

Officium Triste

I always believed that music was something to make you feel better, to make you […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
September 27, 2007
Officium Triste - Giving Yourself Away album cover

I always believed that music was something to make you feel better, to make you remember good and bad things and make all your negative energy go away. When I come across whiny bands, I just can't understand the reason why they have to be so melancholic and sad. Some bands can really create songs full of melancholy and pessimism, but they always had nice and heavy tunes.

SENTENCED is one of the bands that could produce have music with melancholic lyrics. Regarding OFFICIUM TRISTE now, these guys have the classic syndrome of MY DYING BRIDE worship! Even though they exist since 1994, they have released only three full-length albums (this one is their fourth), one demo, two EP's and a split CD. Their releases could easily be the releases of an underground Black Metal band!

As for their music, I cannot say many things since this kind of music was never the one I would prefer to listen to at home. Classic slow tempo with heavy riffing and deep vocals are the elements that create Giving Yourself Away. The fact that Pim Blankenstein thinks he can reach Aaron's (MY DYING BRIDE's singer) poetic approach to singing is just dramatic. He just manages to end up sounding empty of feelings. The production is mediocre, as well as the music and the whole album in general is more than boring since the classic use of brutal and clean vocals and the approximately 47 minutes for just 6 tracks are a bit tiring for me.

I don't know if fans of melodic, melancholic and boring Metal will find Giving Yourself Away interesting, neither do I care. I just care about the fact that I spent much time on listening and reviewing this album!

3 / 10


"Giving Yourself Away" Track-listing:

Your Eyes
My Charcoal Heart
On The Crossroad Of Souls
Inside The Mind
Master Of Your Own Demise

Officium Triste Lineup:

Pim Blankenstein - Vocals
Gerard De Jong - Guitar
Johan Kwakernaak - Guitar
Lawrence Meyer - Bass
Martin Kwakernaak - Drums, Synths, Backing Vocals

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