Odin's Court

Having been an attendee of ProgPower USA for the last 3 years, it was hard […]
By Ian Kaatz
July 29, 2008
Odin's Court - Deathanity album cover

Having been an attendee of ProgPower USA for the last 3 years, it was hard not to hear of this band since a couple of the members attend each year; though I don't think I have ever heard them 'till this album arrived on my disc. Essentially the only thing I knew about this band was that Rick was nice when I met him at ProgPower USA and that they had a saxophone.
ODIN'S COURT began in Maryland in 2001 with Matt. They have released two albums and a DVD as well as sharing the stage with KAMELOT, SYMPHONY X and CRIMON GLORY, just to name a few.
The album begins with a much darker side to the Prog world then what I was expecting. There's lots of interesting time signatures as well as this dark mood that transpires from the music. This dark mood is present throughout a good portion of the album, which is something that I am not really familiar with in the Prog genre. Some of the highlights from the album are definitely the two tracks that feature guest appearances, Mammonific (with Tom from EVERGREY) and Crownet (with Tony from SONATA ARCTICA).  Tom shows up in the fifth track and fucking owns and gives the band a superior guest appearance. The dual vocals are great sounding with the two different tones intermingling. It also didn't come off as just an ODIN'S COURT doing an EVERGREY song like how some guest appearances end up being. The robot effect to the vocals was an interesting accent, but maybe could have done without.  Crownet features an excellent beginning with a superior guitar line, then a quiet Prog-ie break down for a bit, then the bombastic Prog/Power sound begins to come out with a guest appearance by Tony Kakko (SONATA ARCTICA). The keyboards' sound is absolutely phenomenal on this particular track.

Other things that I picked up on the album are occasional occurrence of death vocals, which happen in situations you wouldn't expect. I would compare this exact action to what RIVERSIDE does in their compositions. The overall back and forth between the quiet artisitic Prog Rock parts to the more aggressive parts will keep any fan of Prog involved in the album. Another thing was that there is - I believe - 3 instrumental tracks on the album, so don't expect vocals all the time, but do expect awesome epic music. Finally, a fun little addition that they include is a rendition of Joy To The World with Ode To Joy that would be fit nicely on any TSO album.

Deathanity could be recommended to fans of RIVERSIDE or  EVERGREY or any other Prog-oriented band that incorporates the darker side of the genre into their music. When you pick this up do not expect upbeat European Prog Metal ala STRATOVARIUS; expect the unexpected.

7 / 10


"Deathanity" Track-listing:

Manifest Destiny
Oceanica Toxica
Ode to Joy

Odin's Court Lineup:

Matt Brookins - Vocals, Guitar
John Abella - Drums & Percussion
Savino Palumbo - Keyboards
Craig Jackson - Bass
Rick Pierpoint - Guitar

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