Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery


OCEANWAKE are back again, another new album. This band is ultra-productive and the have been […]
By Jean-François ''Jackal'' Poulin
April 3, 2019
Oceanwake - Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery album cover

OCEANWAKE are back again, another new album. This band is ultra-productive and the have been putting out new releases each two years for the last decade or so. You gotta love a band that wants to put as much solid material in that short of a time span. Hailing from the small town of Luvia, Finland, their influences are various and on this album, I felt that each song had its feel, its particular vibe.

It's not easy to put out new original material that grabs the listener's attention right off the bat but OCEANWAKE does it masterfully. I see great things for this band and I would love to see them in North America do some shows, I felt they were very reminiscent of bands like ENSLAVED, YOB and the almighty NEUROSIS. They fuse different styles of music and they are on the path to global Post-Metal greatness. In a sense, they are the European version of the critical acclaimed DEAFHEAVEN. That's a big freakin' compliment!

The production might be the weakest element of the band and it kind of felt rushed but in this case it does not stop this album of being a great release. I felt it was rushed and maybe it was, it would have beneficiated from more time but I digress. This is only my honest opinion on the matter, nothing else. Those clean vocals are really mellow and almost soothing at times and as for the growling parts; they are much less present than in the previous releases and it felt needed.

In terms of musical progress, they departed a bit from the Traditional Doom/Death Metal sound and really embraced their Post-Metal sound, even more than on the 2017 ''Sunless'' album.

I sure as hell hope that they are the next big thing in a genre that I have appreciated more and more in the last decade. As smooth and spacey as it comes but you also have that harder sound that keeps you on the edge of the seat at all times. If you like the smooth sailing of bands like MOGWAI, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR and the musical prowess of NEUROSIS. I really think this band is for you, it might not reinvent the wheel but it's another band to add to the plethora of Post-Metal greatness we have come to listen to in the last 20 odd years or so.

8 / 10









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"Lights Flashing in Mute Scenery" Track-listing:

1. Radiant Nightbreak
2. The Occult
3. Season of the Rain
4. Travelogue
5. Titanomachia
6. Currents
7. Posthuma

Oceanwake Lineup:

Martti Koski - Guitars
Eero Haula - Vocals
Mikko Kulju - Drums
Jussi Rautio - Guitars

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