Heads Will Roll


Oceanhorse hails from Finland and is a relative newcomer to the field of heavy metal […]
By Michael Pataky
March 25, 2023
Oceanhorse - Heads Will Roll album cover

Oceanhorse hails from Finland and is a relative newcomer to the field of heavy metal having released their first EP in 2019. They have been praised for their wild energy on stage. Their first full length release was a live album in released in 2020, followed by the studio album "Dead Reckoning" which was released in 2021. Their third album, "Heads Will Roll" was released in February 2023 on the Noble Demon label. According to the band, they wanted to expand on their sound from the previous album, and to have a more raw, live feel to the music. They are hoping to appeal to fans of heavier but dynamic sounds.

"Fall Like Dominoes" starts the album with guitar feedback and a driving rhythm section. The guitar turns melodic and then speeds up mid-song, goes into a solo, and finishes melodic. "Help Is On The Way" starts very fast, and then slows down for a melodic change and speeds up and slows down again several times and contains completely different sounding guitar solos. "Pryopen" is more of a power metal song with good riffs. Some of the vocals are spoken, mixing it up. "Brick" has a chugging riff, with strong guitars, and melodic solos. "Smoke Signals" is an in your face song, with melodic breaks interspersed. "Waves" starts off with a haunting sound and moves into a slower, doomier, song.

"Dead Zone" is an instrumental which highlights an acoustic guitar. "Heads Will Roll" starts with a doomy beat with melodic guitars and then picks up in speed and intensity, slows down and speeds up several times. "Adrift" has an industrial metal sound, including some megaphone vocals and varying guitar effects. "Nails" starts with a more main stream sound and vocals, and progresses into extreme music and vocals. "Carved in Stone" starts anthemically and then speeds up to another chugging riff, and double bass drums. This is the longest song on the album, and one of the best.

"Oceanhorse" makes a statement against computerized metal music, but still manages to add multiple sounds to each song. Even though they are knew to the scene, they have released a lot of material in a very short time. They have also toured extensively in Finland, Japan, and Europe. They embrace the current movement in metal, and have even been featured on the soundtrack of the video game Wreckfest. Their songs contain heavy, soft and melodic parts all wrapped together. They cover multiple genres in their music. They are one of the rising bands in the New Wave Of Finnish Heavy Metal movement. If you are a fan of that genre, check them out.

8 / 10









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"Heads Will Roll" Track-listing:

1. Fall Like Dominoes
2. Help Is On The Way
3. Pryopen
4. Brick
5. Smoke Signals
6. Waves
7. Dead Zone
8. Heads Will Roll
9. Adrift
10. Nails
11. Carved in Stone

Oceanhorse Lineup:

Ben Varon- Guitar
Jyri Helko - Bass
Oskari Niemi- Drums
Joonas Kosonen-Vocals

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