Prepare To Meet Thy Doom


Occult is a Death / Black Metal band from the land of tulips and has […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
April 12, 2005
Occult - Prepare To Meet Thy Doom album cover

Occult is a Death / Black Metal band from the land of tulips and has been around the wells of Hell for quite a long time. Due to the fact that many of their new fans don't know much of their previous stuff, they decided to re-release their debut album Prepare to Meet Thy Doom to enlighten their fans about their aggressiveness and evil spell writing!  
To spice their debut CD up a little, they thought it would be cool to include their only demo from 1993 as a bonus. One will notice the strange vocals on this album, which were caused by a serious throat infection back then (How Carcassian cool this is!). Some may find these vocals really evil but others will probably dislike them! Due to time limitations there was no time to record the vocals again, which was a big disappointment! Re-doing the vocals crossed the band's mind; of course they finally decided to leave it as it is.
The addition of their demo songs, really makes this CD appealing and someone can listen to how these warheads started their climax to musical hell! Their fast Black / Thrash / Death with cool, evil lyrics will definitely raise your interest but on the whole since this was their first approach they seem to need some work especially with organizing and blending their ideas. Maybe a cover song would add much to this effort from them!
Top moments here include amongst others: Leader in War, The Black Are Rising, Prepare to Meet Thy Doom, And Darkness Shall Begin and Almighty Horde. Additional audio checking to their respective demos will give you a clue of how their ideas started to evolve before they reached their final form.     
Occult is a fucking true, cool, heavy, evil Metal band and I bet that they can do even better than this sonic attempt here! Without being bad maybe their ideas need more processing and unique focusing. However they will definitely not leave you disappointed, especially if you are a Black / Thrash Metal freak! The gates of Hades await to see and listen to their next hellish attack! Until then here is a...  

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Prepare To Meet Thy Doom" Track-listing:

Leader in War        
The Black Are Rising        
After Triumph        
Prepare to Meet Thy Doom        
And Darkness Shall Begin        
Almighty Horde        
Whispering Tear        
The Nazerene Whore        
Elements in Black        
Quest for the Spirits        
Leader in War [Demo Version]        
Almighty Horde [Demo Version]        
After Triumph [Demo Version]        
And Darkness Shall Begin [Demo Version]

Occult Lineup:

Maurice - Vocals
Leon - Guitars
Sjors - Bass
Erik - Drums

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