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OBSIDIAN is a Progressive Death Metal band based out of Vancouver, Canada. "Time Erodes" is […]
November 7, 2015
Obsidian - Time Erodes album cover

OBSIDIAN is a Progressive Death Metal band based out of Vancouver, Canada. "Time Erodes" is the band's debut full length album, and contains ten tracks.

The title track leads off the album, "Time Erodes." It's a fast paced rocker, based on some riff changes here and there which showcase the Progressive elements of the music. The vocals are fairly unique for this style, coming in somewhere between singing and shouting, and without the super heavy or deep Death Metal sound you often hear with this kind of music. "Revolution Dead" features some impressive percussion passages and a Doomy, downtrodden sound that echoes the song title. They are able to work in some melody as well as it pertains to the changing riff in the chorus section of the song. It really adds a layer of complexity and keeps the listener on his/her toes. Contrasting somewhat with the first two songs is the track "Useful Idiot." This is a full-bore, straightforward assault that doesn't dance around much in its delivery. The slow, drawn out passages with eerie guitar notes remind me of the sheer might and heaviness of PANTERA in their "Far Beyond Driven" days. "Downfall" has an individual sound as well, with an ethereal and suspenseful feeling that comes from the background six-string work. The instrumental

"YVR" breaks up the album nicely where it is placed. It takes a step back a bit into a slower, more deliberate song structure and melody pattern. "Broken and Defeated" is the longest song on the album, nearly missing the six minute mark. There is more of an evil sound to the chord progressions of the main riff and this one cuts right through your soul. The thuds that the accenting notes hit are akin to two Stone Trolls battling in Middle Earth. "World Decay" finishes out the album. The intertwining guitars in the opening riff almost make the track three dimensional, or coming from an alternate universe of sorts. This is a song that definitely sticks with you.

Overall, I must summarize by announcing that this is a pretty impressive first release from this band. They have a creative approach to their song compositions and a developed skill in that area as well. The more brutal elements of this style are omnipresent, yet they are able to work in some more wondrous moments along the Progressive side of things that keeps the album uniquely satisfying. 

8 / 10


"Time Erodes" Track-listing:

1. Time Erodes
2. Revolution Dead
3. My War
4. Useful Idiot
5. Downfall
6. YVR (Rain City)
7. Broken and Defeated
8. Free Me
9. On Your Feet
10. World Decay

Obsidian Lineup:

Jason Campbell - Vocals and Guitar
Daniel Clark - Guitar, Back-Up Vocals
Aurelia Falaize - Bass
Stefan Stass - Drums

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