The Art Of Butchery


OBSECRATION is one of the longest running Death Metal bands in the Greek Metal scene. […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
March 18, 2010
Obsecration - The Art Of Butchery album cover

OBSECRATION is one of the longest running Death Metal bands in the Greek Metal scene. The band was formed in 1989 and has been delivering pure Death Metal since then without compromising with trends and labels. These guys have been one of my favorite Greek Death Metal bands for various reasons, so I always expected the best from them, something that unfortunately didn't happen in "The Art Of Butchery"...

Since I always say my opinion, I will put it in simple words. After having listened to the album I can say that I am disappointed by the Athenian butchers. Have they lost their passion? Have they spent all of their energy into their other activities? I don't know what's the reason, but the sure thing is that "The Art Of Butchery" seems like an album that lacks structure, strong ideas and the passionate performance I loved in releases like "Oceanum Oblivione" (2000) and "Sins Of The Flesh" (2002).

In their new album they seem like they lost their balance for a while trying to do many different things, thus failing to concentrate on one. While you still remain a brutal Death Metal band with classic US Death Metal influences, you can't just try to switch to a more epic or atmospheric vibe, not when you haven't worked enough to make it sound like a natural and not a forced change.

I just hope that this was a weak moment of their career. Almost every band has made a step towards a wrong direction for a while and quickly got itself together and continued doing what it knows to do best. I am sure that OBSECRATION will be back on track in no time. Until then...

5 / 10


"The Art Of Butchery" Track-listing:
  1. Lamb To The Blasphemy
  2. Chronicles Of Sadism
  3. The Art Of Butchery
  4. Our Terminal Fate (The Inheritors Of Pain Pt. VI)
  5. Sadness Contemplates One's Past Life (The Atonement A.D. 2009)
  6. Oblivious... To Ritual
  7. The Temple Of The Red Erebus
  8. The Serenity Of The Crystallized Sentiments (Hyperborea Pt. I)
  9. Battle Against The Nightmarish Nothing (Hyperborea Pt. II)
Obsecration Lineup:

Costas "Dead" V. - Vocals
Alex K. - Drums
Chris A. - Guitar
Alex Z. - Guitar
Jim Ch. - Bass

Guest Musicians:
Q_Snc - Keyboards

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