The Plague Within


OBSCURED are hailing from Serbia, it's my first time reviewing a band from this country, […]
By Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook
October 10, 2013
Obscured - The Plague Within album cover

OBSCURED are hailing from Serbia, it's my first time reviewing a band from this country, to my surprise there is an actual Metal over there. But as it would appear, there is a Metal scene everywhere, even in the Amazon River, so no surprise that there is one in Serbia.

OBSCURED are playing a mix of Black with Death Metal and lots of Hardcore. Maybe it is not fair as I am not a Hardcore fan to say the least, however, since it is a challenge, I will leave my thoughts about this particular genre out of my way in order to be objective as possible.

First two tracks, "In The Garden Of Eden" and "The Appalling Of The World Above" sounded like a pile of crap, a mush of resonances that couldn't be understood, Nonetheless, "Crimson Altars" is a much better track with more a Death Metal flavor that shows the band's ability to create something feasible and listenable.

The two only other tracks that I can say that were in any good form are "Eradication", which proved that there is a talent within the ranks, "The Plague Within" with Thrash riffs and a good structure.

Overall, this album in my standard is bad, however there are glimpse of good Metal in it, so I think the band should try harder next time or they also can ignore my review. It's up to them and for you loyal fans.

5 / 10


"The Plague Within" Track-listing:

1. In The Garden Of Eden
2. The Appalling Of The World Above
3. Crimson Altars
4. God Is Inhuman
5. Abominations
6. Eradication
7. Integration Into Void
8. Dawn Of The End
9. The Plague Within
10. Outro

Obscured Lineup:

Igor "Skrimblad" Iduski - Vocals
Karoly "Khargash" Burai - Bass / Vocals
Srđan "Điđi" Toljagic - Guitar
Tara Kerac - Drums

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