Out of Wilderness


OLIVIOUS are a 4 piece outfit from Linköping, Sweden. After two albums as a twin […]
By Zohar racz
May 5, 2015
Oblivious - Out of Wilderness album cover

OLIVIOUS are a 4 piece outfit from Linköping, Sweden. After two albums as a twin guitar band under the label "Tranbustans", the band decided to go for a one guitarist approach to get a more "crisp and classic guitar sound, giving more space for the primal groove and the wilderness in the songs." In addition, a change of record label was made (they are now working with Gaphals). "Out of Wilderness" is the first creation of this reincarnation of the band.

In comparison to lot of bands that come from Scandinavian countries, OLIVIOUS's sound is slightly softer. This is not a way of saying they aren't by all means a Classic Hard Rock band- they are. But Isak's vocal approach is unique. Instead of using only a dirty growling sound, he switches his clean tone and screamy tone elegantly as guitar player stomping on an effect.

What he could improve however, are the lyrics. I'm taking into consideration the English is not the song writers' mother tongue. But listening to the words gave the feeling that I'm witnessing a sometimes very interesting and complicated story told to me in a bit of primitive way. Another weakness the album possess in my eyes is the over leaning on the shuffle beat. That is actually enhanced in light of the album being varied in sound and accomplished in playing.

A true proof of the band's ability in general and specifically Isak's can be found in the last song, "Like Brothers". A soft number beginning number that starts off with only a clean guitar and the vocals before evolving to a full grown power ballad. This song is with no doubt the album's gem. A side from that tune, the album generally lacks a hooks and big choruses. Which is a shame; because it seems that it's exactly what OLIVIOUS could use.

5 / 10


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"Out of Wilderness" Track-listing:

1. For Who Do Burn
2. Dirty Hand
3. Bang
4. Shore to Shore
5. Riding Down
6. Screwed
7. Midnight Mess
8. Like brothers

Oblivious Lineup:

 Böris - Guitar, Backing Vocals
 Andy - Bass, Backing Vocals
 Jocke - Drums, Backing Vocals

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