OBDUKTION is a Greek Death Metal band that has some years of history on its […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
October 23, 2008
Obduktion - II album cover

OBDUKTION is a Greek Death Metal band that has some years of history on its back. They already have a devoted fan base and have managed to create a cult status among the rest of the Greek Death Metal scene. Thirteen years after its formation, the legion returns with a brand new album full of sick and twisted nightmares that will haunt your life... or not?

With members that also have a history with other known Greek acts like NETHESCERIAL and the fresh yet talented NADIWRATH among others, OBDUKTION have several releases under their belt, yet only one full-length album. The band has left its previous label NMC Music to sign a contract with Secret Port Records, a label that specializes mostly in Heavy/Power/Epic releases. Let's see if this new start for the band will have the desired effects on its music.

To tell you the truth, I was never a huge fan of OBDUKTION. Not that they are a shitty band or something like that. It's just that the Greek death metallers have never done something so good that would attract my attention. What I like about them though, is their honest and passionate attitude. These guys are true Metal fans and their music reflects that. The band's new album II is a continuation of what the band has created until now. Brutal Death Metal with mostly mid tempo rhythms and heavy as fuck riffing. Do not expect to face any relentless blastbeats or shredding and hyper technical guitar work. OBDUKTION is all about heaviness and slow yet deadly brutality. Drawing influences from acts like DEICIDE, OBITUARY and BOLT THROWER, the band unleashes its fierce Death Metal assault leaving nothing standing.

The negative points in this release are definitely the not so good production, the programmed drums and the vocals that need some improvement in my humble opinion. This album would sound more than kickass if the band had taken care of its sound a bit more and if Nick had played his drum parts instead of just programming them. Anyway, OBDUKTION keep doing some honest work, yet I still haven't found anything amazing in their music. A just good Greek Death Metal band...

6 / 10

Had Potential

"II" Track-listing:

Born...Not Created
A Crossroad Of Wisdom
Threshold Of A New Era
Life Of Humanity
And He Didn't Say Anything
The Lost Angel Of Our Soul
Eternal Descent
Whispers Ode

Obduktion Lineup:

Takis - Vocals
Obduktor - Guitar
Kostas - Guitar
Dinos - Bass
Nick - Drums

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