Light Emerges


NUR is a Post Metal/Post Hardcore/Sludge/Doom act based out of Israel, whose members play in […]
February 12, 2019
NUR - Light Emerges album cover

NUR is a Post Metal/Post Hardcore/Sludge/Doom act based out of Israel, whose members play in other bands such as KNEES PLEASE, BARREN HOPE, and AKRABUT. This is their debut EP release, released February 2, 2019, and contains three tracks.

"Trader" opens with a slow, lumbering riff born of the earth beneath you, a sludgy slab of Doom Metal. The vocals are sung in one main tone while the guitar riff holds down the bottom end without variation. After the half way mark the riff goes into attack mode with steady picking and ominous swells. "Water" opens with a slower grind, with incensed vocals and a super heavy guitar riff that could crush the world at your feet and bring down mountains. Again it picks up around the half way mark, awakening from its slumber with eyes that burn with hatred and despondence.

"Wise" opens with slowly held clean guitar notes, building an air of mystery. Drums come in softly, and when that main riff hits it rattles and breaks everything around you, smashing through earth, cloud, flesh and shadow. The vocals are screaming laments, sounding like they are coming from a tortured man saying his final words. Just before the half way mark, the riff changes into stealth mode, with eight picked open notes per bar, building suspense. A slowly picked lead guitar climbs over top of the hill of sludge, trying to gain some footing, with futile results.

Overall, this was a strong effort. Though the sound remained the same throughout the three-track EP and there was not much variation, they performed with conviction. The laborious tracks sought to suck in your soul, leaving you a shell of what you once were, doomed to walk the earth forever without purpose.

8 / 10









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"Light Emerges" Track-listing:

1. Trader
2. Water
3. Wise

NUR Lineup:

Eran Mazin - Guitar
Ben Belial - Bass and Backing Vocals
Liam Elias - Guitar
Eyal Lat - Drums & Main Vocals

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