Struggling In The Dark

Nuestros Derechos

Angry Dutch Thrash/Core Metal by a demonic trio featuring a serious 'lady' bassist; not a […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 20, 2008
Nuestros Derechos - Struggling In The Dark album cover

Angry Dutch Thrash/Core Metal by a demonic trio featuring a serious 'lady' bassist; not a common thing to witness, huh? NUESTROS DERECHOS are self-releasing their own stuff, but I feel their first full-length will attract the interest of a normal label. If the band wants so, and - in due course - decides which path they should take.
'Our Right', isn't this the English translation of 'NUESTROS DERECHOS'? A four-track demo in 2003 plus half the songlist in 2006's Split 'Em All CD (with DE WAONZIN) paved the way for this year's Struggling In The Dark. A bizarre cover artwork with vivid green colors would not easily unveil what I was supposed to listen to, but as soon as Devil's Repent did burst out, things became quite lucid. So I thought...
NUESTROS DERECHOS's Thrash Metal lunacy is both old-school and new school. Hence, the vice of 80s Thrash madness co-exists with the groovy 'aggression' of 'new' Thrash hostility. Add some HC parts in the tempos and vocal patterns, some NWOSDM in choir refrains and the picture clears out(?). Jerry's six-string skills are satisfactory, even if the mediocre flat sound does not help him unveil his flair. Jetti is ample and non-stop in her bass lines, providing a good back up for the guitar licks (is she doing the backing vocals, too? Good!). Johhny's performance may be the first thing you'll notice in the songlist; he does not fear experimenting with a variety of tempos throughout each song, while his pounding reveals a 'true' passion for drumming.
Insomnia has a melodic 'vibe' (omit the furious end!) for the likes of NUESTROS DERECHOS, while Devil's Repent is Thrash-to-the-bone. Some of KREATOR and 'new' DESTRUCTION, with some of HEAVEN SHALL BURN, a take of AT THE GATES, a portion of furious American 80s 'society' Thrash...Well, this may be the critical 'down' point for NUESTROS DERECHOS, even if the playing and feeling are fine enough; I was left with mixed feelings regarding the direction the band should head to. New? Old? Core? SDM? What? A good self-released album (skipping the 'production' obstacles) which will win your attention if you belong to all the aforementioned categories.

"Struggling In The Dark" Track-listing:

Devil's Repent
Darkest Before Dawn

Nuestros Derechos Lineup:

Jerry Herrie - Guitar, Vocals
Jetti Derechos - Bass
Johnny Derechos - Drums, Backing Vocals

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