NOYDE is an Atmosperic Doom Metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine featuring Nickolay Romanov (SUNSTROKE) and Anastasia […]
By Dave Nowels
March 3, 2019
Noyde - Surface album cover

NOYDE is an Atmosperic Doom Metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine featuring Nickolay Romanov (SUNSTROKE) and Anastasia Lazarenko (EDIFICE). Using crushingly heavy, riffs combined with almost tantric like haunting vocals, the band have released quite an impressive debut. Listed as a 'demo', "Surface" dismisses any trappings of your usual demo release. Rather, NOYDE have blazed a sonic musical path full of adventure and intrigue.

"Vapors" comes on just like it's named. A swirling storm cracking with electricity and power. Melodic keys offset and balance the effect heavy guitar riffs. The song sways beautifully and melodic, building with a sinister intensity until the drums drop in like a thunderclap. Layered dual guitars play dueling upper and lower parts which melt into feedback, before taking rising up again even more menacingly. The drums become more structured just as the riff leaves behind the atmospheric theme and takes on a more Doom, almost Thrash like structure. The vocals at the 8minuite mark of the song seemingly duel with the music back and forth until its conclusion, both perhaps weary, they slow and fade away.

"Unrest" is a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees and its everything a cover should be. A true interpretation maintaining the spirit of the original. Its everything a journey of this sort should be. Adventurous and thrilling, with unexpected surprises around each corner. Any Doom style band with the balls to cover SIOUXSIE deserves accolades. Exceptionally well done. "Languishing" immediately comes on heavier than its predecessors, but then seems to lose some steam as the repetitive riff bogs down a bit. Thankfully the vocals join in, more a musical drone than a true lyrical voice. The drone vocals take on a reflective, subdued quality.  As the song continues, the vocals build in power, in a somewhat victorious nature. As if emboldened by their capabilities they become more confident and defiant as the song reaches its finale.

"Wasted" comes at you viciously. It's a more straight forward Doomish/Thrash song that is distinctly different than whats come before. It snaps your attention, bringing you out of the hypnotic trance of the previous two songs. At times buzzing like a disturbed hornet's nest, the song manages to somehow return to the dreamlike trance without you realizing it, or understanding how it happened. It's a masterful transition and then, just like that, it's over. Quite a bit of thought and talent went into this release. From its stunningly effective cover art (also rendered by Romanov), to the powerfully effective blend of genres that defy logic, this is art, pure and simple. NOYDE have released a debut worthy of being one of the year's best.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Surface" Track-listing:

1. Vapors
2. Unrest
3. Languishing
4. Wasted

Noyde Lineup:

Nickolay Romanov - Guitar, Bass, Drums
Anastasia Lazarenko - Vocals, Synthesizer, Lyrics

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