Cosmic Redemption


Noturnall are a newer band in the Brazilian Metal Scene, their popularity is growing within […]
March 10, 2024

Noturnall are a newer band in the Brazilian Metal Scene, their popularity is growing within Brazil and around the world .The band has a strong social media presence with a huge following. They have three appearances at one of the biggest festivals in the world Rock In Rio and also toured all over the world with Disturbed, Sepultura and also Paul DI’ Anno just to name a few The band has also collaborated live and in the studio with heavy metal legends like Russell Allen (Symphony X),James La Brie (Dream Theater),also joined on stage by Michael Kiske (Helloween)  at 2015’s Rock In Rio. This is their fourth studio album, the follow up the third album “Made In Russia”.

The album opens with “Try Harder” which has some nice heavy guitar riffs ,some nice vocals with some more aggressive vocals blended in with a nice guitar solo. ”Reset The Game” has some really fast guitar playing, a more faster up tempo thrash/heavy metal track reminds me of Helloween.”Lie To Me” is very fast, more power metal vocals which mellow for the chorus. ”Shallow Grave” is a 9:25  long track which is full of soaring vocals, great guitars. ”Shadows (Walking through)” is the best track on the album for me featuring the orchestra by Michael Romeo. The way that the orchestra mixes with the acoustic guitar ,with some nice mellow, chilling vocals is produced so well. We then come to the title track “Cosmic Redemption” which is another fast, hard hitting track with some great influences I’m thinking early Maiden and Helloween.”Scream For Me!!Scream!!!” is the heaviest track on the album, which is followed by “O Tempo Nao Para” featuring Neo Matogrosso who is a Latin American singer, this track is sung in Brazilian, the softest track on the album which has a good guitar solo. ”Take Control” features David Ellefson formerly of Megadeth, a good thrash metal track, which has influences of Megadeth. ”The Great Fitter”  is another long track clocking in at 8:48,which is another fast track not my favourite track on the album. The album bonus track “Never Again” is a good track, modern metal touches in the vain of BFMV. The album closes with a edit version of “Shallow Grave”.

“Cosmic Redemption” from Noturnall is an average release, it has a few good songs on it that I like “Shadows (Walking Through)” and “Take Control” and also “Never Again” nothing special ,nothing bad  but is a little on the heavy side for me ,not melodic enough, but I’m sure it will appeal to those music fans who like their music heavier harder and faster with heavier vocals.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Cosmic Redemption" Track-listing:

1.Try Harder

2.Reset The Game

3,Lie To You

4.Shallow Grave

5.Shadows (Walking Through)

6.Cosmic Redemption

7.Scream For Me!!For Me!!!

8.O Tempo Nao Para (Featuring Ney Matogrosso)

9.Take Control (Featuring Dave Ellefson)

10.The Great Filter

11.Never Again

12.Shallow Grave (Edit Version)

Noturnall Lineup:


Thiago Bianchi - Vocals

Mike Orlando - Guitars

Xakol (Saulo) - Bass

Henrique Pucci - Drums

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