Nothing Sacred

Ozzies aren't usual known for making subtle music. Think of AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, DESTROYER 666 […]
By MetalWim
February 14, 2023
Nothing Sacred - Leviathan album cover

Ozzies aren't usual known for making subtle music. Think of AC/DC, ROSE TATTOO, DESTROYER 666 and such, and you will have to agree, they are rather harsh. Brilliant, but not exactly diplomatic. Well, Just to put it plain and simple, neither is NOTHING SACRED. Hailing from Melbourne, from that country Down Under, they actually first started making music over forty years ago, in 1982. Now, several stops, starts and most certainly line-up changes, they are back with an EP. If you don't know what that stands for, it means Extended Play. It has been used for yonks to describe a single release that has some additions, some extra music added.

So, now to the musical side of "Leviathan", the newly released EP from NOTHING SACRED. What is there to tell? Well, they make a sort of Heavy metal with Melodic intervals that is not exactly the heaviest, but also not the lightest you will come across. NOTHING SACRED doesn't want to break the speed limits, but also doesn't want to be a slouch either. Plus, they don't believe that all the sounds should come from the last decade, but that it is quite alright to use some things that were done in the eons before 2010.

Yes, the sound is definitely  very heavily set in the twenties, but the atmosphere and the feel of the music could easily be traced back to the nineties. No, I wouldn't travel further back, because I feel that would be unjust. In the twenty-one minutes that NOTHING SACRED use to bring us their six renderings, they are good enough to pique my interest, but not good enough to have me typing about them lyrically. This is solid stuff, with a good foundation, well written, played and executed, but alas, not very exciting.

And that is just what this is missing. I said in the intro that most Ozzie bands aren't that subtle. Well, I wish NOTHING SACRED would have been more relentless (or should it be ruthless?) when they started to record their music. It would have made their quite okay songs probably sound a lot more invigorating, much more intense. Now they just plod along and although they do sound very pleasing, they aren't satisfying my appetite or craving as to listen to their music time and time again. A very much needed and valuable lesson for the future as far as I'm concerned.

7 / 10









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"Leviathan" Track-listing:

1. Leviathan
2. Drone
3. Guardian
4. SirMegma
5. Sudden Death
6. DroneTrance 

Nothing Sacred Lineup:

Stu Bedford - Guitar
Chris Stark - Vocals
Karl Lean - Bass
Sham - Drums
George Larin - Guitar

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