There is no God

Non Est Deus

There is very little information on NON EST DEUS on the web, save for they formed in […]
February 28, 2019
Non Est Deus - There is no God album cover

There is very little information on NON EST DEUS on the web, save for they formed in Bavaria, Germany, and "There is no God" is their second album, and contains five tracks. From their Bandcamp page, the following information is provided: "A mixture of hate and sorrow. Thinking of a blind and numb society. Thinking of the hostage of the world. The poison in the brain of a billion human beings. Death to all religion." "Poisonous Words" opens with some charming piano parts, and then the guitars bring the track to life with vicious Black Metal vocals. "Regimes are read by long white robes. Snuff and rape. Claimed to Good. Infecting the servants of a maniac cult rotting from the inside."
"Fuckfest of Blood" speaks of the seven deadly sins and the hypocrisy of the bible. The tale is told in a fairly traditional Black Metal sound but with some twists in both the cadence and the subtle melodies. Darkness and sadness abound. The clean guitar passage at the half way mark is very pretty. It sticks out and rises from the madness. "Coffin of Shattered Dreams" opens with an alluring despondence that is hard to describe. "Redundant, Irrelevant, Insane" is repeated in this funereal dirge. The piano and accordion sequence is fascinating and definitely unexpected.
"Hobsons Choice" is a slower track, another anti-religious song that has guitar melodies amidst the chaotic vocals and drumming. According to Wiki, Hobsons choice is not really a choice at all, a decision between taking what is available, or taking nothing at all..."take it or leave it" so to speak. "Godless" closes the album, opening with a bluesy guitar solo that seems very out of place for Black Metal. It's this kind of thing that really keeps the album interesting. In the name of priest raping children they declare we are all unfit to inhabit the planet. The interlude of mostly noise is a clean break against the fury of the Black Metal sound. "And if there is a god, he should not be allowed to interact with the human race. Nothing is as savage as the human race. But the one who created it."
Overall, I really enjoyed the interaction between vocals and lyrics here and how convincing their message is to this agnostic reviewer who occasionally believes in a higher power, but not the corruption or hypocrisy of the church. It's hard not to see the world as a messy place and I will never forgive priests who have raped thousands of children. I like to think that there's a special place in hell for these monsters. Christians do not understand the bible as well, and the Old Testament paints God as a pretty horrible person to boot. All of this is reflected in the music quite well.


8 / 10









"There is no God" Track-listing:

1. Poisonous Words
2. Fuckfest of Blood
3. Coffin of Shattered Dreams
4. Hobsons Choice
5. Godless

Non Est Deus Lineup:


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