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"Impious" deals with the question of the meaning of religion. The holy scriptures were put […]
Non Est Deus - Impious album cover

"Impious" deals with the question of the meaning of religion. The holy scriptures were put down to enable people to live together. In complete contrast to the charity that is imparted in almost all world religions, fanatics twist the scriptures in their favor and turn them into something violent and sick. The problem is not religion itself, but those who use it to claim their need of power in the name of God. The album contains eight tracks.

"Save Us" leads off the album. It opens with soft male vocals, like you might hear in a church. The main riff drops, and the production is muted. In comes a wall of guitars with galloping drums. The vocals are vile utterances. "Burn it Down" begins with more fuzzy guitars and a steady rhythm of "burn it, burn it down." The guitars build thick layers but the bass is washed out of the mix. It takes an ambient pause a few times as well. "Fuck Your God" is a shorter but energetic piece. So far, through three tracks, the sound is very similar.

"Hexenwahn" opens with a more straightforward riff, but the vocals are very similar. The riff ventures out just a bit but not too far from the staff boundaries of traditional Black Metal. Spoken words talk about putting a spell on someone. "Flagellation" begins with more choirs and the sounds of someone whipping someone else. The riff is energetic and earnest, and the drums keep a steady pace. "Christraping Polka" opens with a slow groove that holds steady at first. The added low vocals bring another dimension to the song, but it's not enough to save the stale sound. "Celebrate the Selfdestruct" contains more tired sounds that have been done thousands of times before.

"The Ascension" closes the album. It opens with clean, solemn guitars and the sound of rain. From there, it segues into yet another elementary approach to songwriting. The album artwork is fantastic. Unfortunately, it's the best thing about it. The album stays too close to the FWOBM to where the genre started. There is very little experimentation or venturing out from the strict genre boundaries. Ultimately, it's a hopeless experience.

3 / 10









"Impious" Track-listing:

1. Save Us
2. Burn it Down
3. Fuck Your God
4. Hexenwahn
5. Flagellation
6. Christraping Polka
7. Celebrate the Selfdestruct
8. The Ascension

Non Est Deus Lineup:

Noise - All Instruments, Vocals

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