No More Room In Hell

No More Room In Hell

Hello Temple. When you have a passion - be it is music or movies - […]
By Sebastien "Bass" Parent
September 27, 2016
No More Room In Hell - No More Room In Hell album cover

Hello Temple. When you have a passion - be it is music or movies - you tend to follow that passion. Well, Mark Gleed and Anil Carrier did just this. Their love of Metal music and classical horror movies came to life in their new band's first album. The band, called NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, delivered a great performance in this movie-history-packed 32-minute Horrorfest. The movie moments are beautifully intertwined with their old school Death Metal-influenced music.

Each of the 7 tracks on this album refers directly to a cult horror movie. From Evil Dead and Pet Sematary, all the way to Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead, NO MORE ROOM IN HELL took their inspiration from everyone's beloved classics and turned them into a Metal record.

The album opens up with the 2004's Dawn of the Dead preacher's speech about how "The Dead Will Walk the Earth" when there is no more room in hell. This is a great introduction to the music of this band, for it really sets the tone right away with a gloomy atmosphere; and the slow and gripping guitars only strengthen that tone even more.

It moves on to let you know how man is "The Warmest Place to Hide" - The Thing 1982. Mark's vocal are at the center of this piece, moving from deep grunts to low pitched screams. He really gives a great impression of being followed by the creature. Mixed with a few catch phrases from the movie, it makes you want to revisit this 80s classic.

Next on the list are The Omen with "Ave Versus Christus", followed by "Never Sleep Again" which refers to the Nightmare on Elm Street and "The Soil of a Man's Heart " - Pet Sematary.

However, the one that really caught my attention was "Join Us". this song is not only gripping and packed with powerful grunts, but it is also filled with quotes from the cult movie Evil Dead. If there is a movie that has to be ported to Metal, this is one of them. The music correctly emulates the atmosphere of the movie and transposes it in guitar riffs and deep vocal arrangements.

All in all, this was a very fun album to review. Revisiting all those classic horror movies has made me want to watch them once more with this music in the background. Obviously this record is aimed at a specific niche of metalheads - the ones that both enjoy old school Death Metal and classical Horror movies - and for those people, this is a must have.

8 / 10









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"No More Room In Hell" Track-listing:
  1. The Dead Will Walk the Earth
  2. The Warmest Place to Hide
  3. Ave Versus Christus
  4. Never Sleep Again
  5. The Soil of a Man's Heart
  6. Join Us
  7. The Innocents
No More Room In Hell Lineup:

Mark Gleed - Vocals
Anil Carrier - Drums & Guitars

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