Trembling Path


Birthed in the murky depths of the Floridian swamps, NIXA cross the slowest, heaviest aspects […]
By Jack Webb
March 17, 2015
Nixa - Trembling Path album cover

Birthed in the murky depths of the Floridian swamps, NIXA cross the slowest, heaviest aspects of doom metal with the clear vocal styling of more contemporary acts. "Trembling Path" is their first full length release, and follows the 2013 self titled release that saw some of the heaviest riffs put out by the American doom metal resurgence.

Clocking in at over 8 minutes, the opening salvo of "Die with the Sun" is somewhat of a slow burner. Building up from a lonesome and somber guitar part into an explosion of down-tuned dirty riffs. Enough to curl your upper lip and nod your head along. The follow up track "Erase" has the filthiest bass tone, sounding demonic all by itself. It is the perfect mix of bleak, hopeless instrumentation and somber vocals. It never leans so far that it becomes boring and repetitive, nor does it go the opposite way and become jumpy and disjointed.

If it is something that doom metal lacks, it is vocal hooks. The whole point of the music is escapism, but a lyrical hook can turn a run of the mill song, into a certified banger. This is really what "Trembling Path" nails. Vocals that claw inside of your head, and the instrumentation to envelop you in even the most bleak of the track.

Whilst each track on "Trembling Path" clocks in at almost Prog Metal levels, it never feels too much. No constructed part of a track is used a filler, and no riff outstays its welcome. 30 minutes can breeze past whilst listening to this, making you savor each track and each creative choice.

Album closer "Seven Principles" gives a proper send off to this album. A distorted affair that eventually collapses into a droning bass note. It leaves you breathless, which is no easy feat for an album that keeps it slow and meaningful.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Trembling Path" Track-listing:

1. Die With The Sun
2. Erase
3. Dies Irae
4. The Gate
5. Thurisaz
6. Eye Eating God
7. Seven Principles

Nixa Lineup:

Valentin Mellstrom - Vocals
Anthony Mendolia - Guitar
Mike Rodriguez - Drums

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