Today we are here to review the first album from the upcoming band NIGHTHAWKS, a […]
By Camila Guimarães de Almeida
October 19, 2015
Nitehawks - Vendetta album cover

Today we are here to review the first album from the upcoming band NIGHTHAWKS, a band that brings a new-age style of Heavy Metal to us directly from Italy, specifically the city of Ravenna. Initially they bring a style of a more melodic Heavy Metal, but then immediately shows us something more aggressive and extremely killer through their genius guitars in through his solos and riffs.

The singer merges with torn vocals, and yet a serious tone at the same time. That brings us also to the great names of Hard Rock (YES or WHITESNAKE, for example!).

The impression that NIGHTHAWKS give is that they know exactly how to explore all the possibilities and nuances that Heavy Metal allows. The bass lines emphasize rhythm, and accompanying guitars with solos and riffs are very well structured. To top it all off, Mr. F. Macri explores different kinds of styles and possibilities with his vocal performances.

The compositions bring something really unique as they make it easy to sing along as most of the songs last less than two minutes in length, making them easy to remember and sing along to.

While there are many factors in favor of the band, I felt a little lack of a song that broke all rhythm, and overall strength that brings enjoyment from the rest of the album from NITEHAWKS. Something of a more melancholy tone and softer guitars however, and the album's context brings an excellent sequence of songs that show all the power and dynamics of the band.

These songs can become big hits that blend many elements of Heavy Metal, without appearing boring. At the forefront of these songs that are considered interesting and exciting could be: "Vendetta," "Dynamite," "Rocketman" and "Never Let You Go ".

We know that only time will tell if a band will become a classic, but should I risk saying that NITEHAWKS promises to make history and generate some buzz around. Showing truly what came to worldwide metal scene ...

Definitely this new metal generation in the world to live up to promises to come and make a name in the scene. I'm relieved to be bands with such competence in a scene showing much welcome thing more of the same ...

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Vendetta" Track-listing:

1. Into The Wild
2. Vendetta
3. Nitehawks
4. Dynamite
5. Rocketman
6. Never Let You Go
7. Blackout In Paradise
8. Looking For Trouble
9. Suite 95

Nitehawks Lineup:

Frank Macrì - Vocals
Mike Petrone - Guitar
Frank Leone - Bass
Fabio Alessandrini - Drums

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