Nite Stinger

Nite Stinger

NITE STINGER is a newly formed band hailing from Brazil, with influences from the golden […]
February 4, 2022
Nite - Voices of the Kronian Moon album cover

NITE STINGER is a newly formed band hailing from Brazil, with influences from the golden days of Glam Rock like MOTLEY CRUE, DEF LEPPARD, DOKKEN, POISON, and SKID ROW. Most of the members are well-known in the Brazilian Rock scene, and some internationally. They came together recently to form NITE STINGER, and present their debut, self-titled album here.

"Gimmie Some Good Lovin'" leads off the album. The opening riff and mid-tempo sound will take you straight back to the 1980s, but capturing those hooks from yesteryear will not be easy. Let's see how the lads do. The singer has a raspy, mid-range voice like many other crooners from the 80's, and the guitar solo is well done. Not bad. "You Want it, You Got it" is a little faster but still features that dirty, sleazy sound that bands from the heyday had. The hooks are decent but not overly catchy; as I said capturing them when they have been done so many times before is harder than it seems.

"Hell is Getting Higher" is another mid-tempo rocker that features a slow, deliberate groove. The vocal harmonies are nice but the sound could use some thickening out a bit. "By Your Side" I thought might be the first obligatory "power ballad" on the album, but instead it's a darker, more brooding offering. "Let Me In" is more of a power ballad of sorts. The vocals are more emotional here. But what is missing is that big punch in the chorus, though this song does a better job of that. "Heading Out" is another mid-tempo song that that album is getting too full of. It can create the "mid-tempo" blues of too many songs in the same tempo.

"That Feeling" begins with a rougher, more sturdy sound with plenty of low end power. The song also features another melodic guitar solo, showcasing the band's musicianship. "Hot but Trouble" sums up much of my dating experience in the 80's LOL. It has a nice, swinging sound with some energy. But the riff isn't something that you haven't heard before. "Saturday Night" is a short burst of fire with a faster-moving riff and some nifty bass work, complete with whammy bar dives from the guitar. "Crank it Up" closes the album. It's an anthemic song with all the fun clichés from the 80's.

The production is probably the highlight of the album. You can't fault the band for trying, but having lived during this era, as well as having nearly every cassette from every Glam band in existence, I can tell you that the hooks just don't quite add up to a successful outing here. Though I really like the singer's voice, he doesn't have that glass-shattering range that many singers in the 80's had. This was a fun, memorable trip down the halls of my past, but didn't produce anything new for me.

7 / 10









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"Nite Stinger" Track-listing:

1. Gimmie Some Good Lovin'
2. You Want it, You Got it
3. Hell is Getting Higher
4. By Your Side
5. Let Me In
6. Heading Out
7. That Feeling
8. Hot but Trouble
9. Saturday Night
10. Crank it Up

Nite Stinger Lineup:

Jack Fahrer - Vocals
Roger Benet - Guitars
Bruno Marx - Guitars
Bento Mello - Bass
Ivan Busic - Drums

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