Flame Of Faith


NIMPHAION the Russian Symphonic blackened Death Metal project from Shuya released an album "Flame Of […]
By Manel Lilioth
December 12, 2013
Nimphaion - Flame Of Faith album cover

NIMPHAION the Russian Symphonic blackened Death Metal project from Shuya released an album "Flame Of Faith" through More Hate Productions.

I consider it as another conceptual work of Black Metal NIMPHAION, which this time was devoted to fanaticism and obsession (personal and collective), its impact on the fate of the human mind and covering the period from the flames holy Inquisition to various sects of our time. Such grim palette could be translated into full-fledged compositions second plate NIMPHAION, became a big step for the team in all possible parameters - sound, music, lyrics and composite arrangement. Since its inception, they have had released demos 2005-2009, the group prepares two full releases - drive 2011 "In Darkness" and now a fresh album "Flame Of Faith". Apart from that, the musicians also had become parties to several tribute teams. NIMPHAION able to speak with the program in several cities in central Russia, and last year was marked by the participation of the children at the site of a large festival outside the country (meaning Belarusian fest "Metal Crowd"). This year, the group was able to organize its first mini-tour together with such bands as HOMOFERUS, CLAYMORDS and TODESTRIEBE.

While listening to this album, you have that feel that this full-length have the appearance of a pronounced contrast combination of melody inspired by the classics, and aggression, which is so characteristic of Black Metal. Likely more appropriate definition for the style of creativity of the team is "most melodic black" you will completely agree with when you listen to "Dark age Begins", "Disfigured Rite". The thing is that artists are moving away from the Melodic Death Metal component "Possession", and the symphony of their arrangements could go beyond the mere use of the keys, and this, as we all know, is the prefix "Symphonic" in the name of the style of a team. Just one simple observation concerning their music is the vocal needs to be much improved and sing hard as Black Metal warrior so that can touch the fans.

NIMPHAION should not be taken as a commercial project, but because the team has the ability to not go on about the mainstream tastes and specific audience and to give his music a best time of Modern Metal.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Flame Of Faith" Track-listing:

1.  Dark age begins
2. ...Delenda Est
3. Disfigured Rite
4. Possession
5. In Flame Of faith
6. Wicked and Proud
7. Sacrifice
8. From the Ash

Nimphaion Lineup:

Ilya Evstigneyev - Bass
Alexander Pozhivilko - Drums
Vadim Malyshev - Vocals, Guitars
Sofia Przhesmitskaya - Keyboards
Alexey Lapshov - Vocals

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