Power Seeker

Nikki Puppet

This band is based on straight Rock 'n' Roll's ideals. A 'street' quartet playing noisy […]
By Grigoris Chronis
November 9, 2008
Nikki Puppet - Power Seeker album cover

This band is based on straight Rock 'n' Roll's ideals. A 'street' quartet playing noisy hardrockin' music; two men, two women, bass/drums/guitars/vocals and here we go. NIKKI PUPPET hails from Germany, this is their third album (produced by Herman Frank of ACCEPT, SINNER and VICTORY fame) and fans of bands like GIRLSCHOOL, SISTER SIN and THE DONNAS may have a good time.
NIKKI PUPPET has been around for nearly years. They seem confident on playing in-your-face Rock music that draws influence from a couple or more sources. The legacy of female-fronted or all-female hard Rock bands, the revival of the sleazy Rock genre in Scandinavia, the eternal ingredients of '1-2-3-4 Rock 'n' Roll music, the fame of MTV's Rock. Got the picture? NIKKI PUPPET will possibly not be of interest for more retro rockers, since their music also points out to some 'new' Rock directions, but more teenager in-your-face-attitude followers should find satisfaction to the sounds of Power Seeker.
An in-depth analysis shall show controversial conclusions regarding the album's value. There seems to be a lack of consciousness in terms of solid aim for the band. Good performance, honest outlook, but the mix of the old and the new may not be intriguing so as to please both parties. For 'simply Rock' fans this band/CD shall be of more interest, I guess, but for more 'hard' likes it does fall short of reaching a good grade, I'm afraid. To give credit, though, tracks like Yia Sou Saloniki and I Spy are good heavy shakers.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"Power Seeker" Track-listing:

Destroy This Toy
I Can Dream
Power Seeker
Falling In 2 Pieces
Yia Sou Saloniki
300 Warriors
I Spy
Come Back
Blind Race Of Ice
Daddy Yells
Turn Back Time

Nikki Puppet Lineup:

Nicky Gronewold - Vocals
Anke Sobek Basspuppi - Bass
Christos Mamalitsidis - Guitar
Florentin Adolf - Drums

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