Thus Spoke the Antichrist


I oftentimes envy Europe for hosting some of the most brutal acts in all Death […]
By Liam Easley
May 20, 2019
Nihility - Thus Spoke the Antichrist album cover

I oftentimes envy Europe for hosting some of the most brutal acts in all Death Metal, and NIHILITY does not help extinguish that jealousy. Listening to the debut album from these Portuguese destructionists, "Thus Spoke the Antichrist," for the first time was bliss, and it got better with every listen. First, there's the image of the band. These guys are basically a modern DEICIDE but more angry and with much better music. The band's logo looks like it was scraped into the album cover with a rusty nail and the nihilistic Gustave Doré illustration tops it off like a cherry. Also, the album title is just the right dose of sinister.

Second, there's the structure of the album. At just under a half-hour, this album is very short. The speed of the songs make it go by like a flicker of light. The length of this record makes is very listenable and subject to many repeats. Also, there is scarcely a dull moment on this record. While there are songs that are better than others, each song is good no matter what. The better ones are spread out evenly. I usually start with the negatives; however, I can't seem to find a negative. The very beginning of "Will to Nothingness" is sort of dull, but it picks up quickly. That's the only thing that I can possibly complain about, and it's extremely petty.

I guess the riffs are not completely original, however, NIHILITY definitely give the riffs their own touch. In the end, I would argue that the riffs are original because you have to really think about it to see that they aren't original. They aren't those kinds of riffs that immediately stand out for being unoriginal. Starting with "Indulge Self-Restraint," NIHILITY is clearly laying down some of their best chops first. This first slice is definitely medium-rare: thought through enough to be complete but with enough raw energy to be feral, untamed and downright bloody. Most of the songs on here are either like this or they are more atmosphere-driven but still packing a similar attitude.

While the band categorizes themselves as Blackened Death Metal, they are much more than that. "Prophecy of Denial" and "Will to Nothingness" are a couple of songs that dabble in technicality as well. There are riffs that are very welcome in their complexity and uniqueness. There are also groovy elements seen on "Organic Fallacies" and "Shallow Ataraxia" that add to the flow immensely.

Alongside the intense riffing, the guitar solos are incredible. "Spirit of Contempt" and "Thus Spoke the Antichrist" are just a couple of examples where the guitar solos create a vast and intense emotion while adding a new dimension to every track they appear on. It's like a nod to old school acts like MORBID ANGEL that made room in their songs for solos without making it sound forced. NIHILITY make their solos sound natural. Outside of the instrumentals, the vocalist does an especially good job. He does not stick to just growls, but also does a sort of yelling technique on some tracks. "Abeyance to Own" is the song that these vocals are most effective on, adding a very aggressive sound to the already abrasive, blackened and atmospheric passages. It is reminiscent of when NILE does those half-growl/half-clean vocals on some tracks off their early albums.

With everything taken into account, the song structure presented on this release is truly astounding. The music either progresses without repetition or with repetition, and either way the song goes, it flows without flaw. There is a lot going on within the 29 minutes and 19 seconds of this album, some of which was not covered in this review. If you are a fan of music in general, I highly suggest you make an effort to hear this album.

10 / 10









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"Thus Spoke the Antichrist" Track-listing:

1. Indulge Self-Restraint
2. Organic Fallacies
3. Shallow Ataraxia
4. Thus Spoke the Antichrist
5. Spirit of Contempt
6. Will to Nothingness
7. Abeyance of Own
8. Prophecy of Denial

Nihility Lineup:

Mário Ferreira - Vocals
Rui Coutinho - Guitars, Vocals
Miguel Vanzeler - Guitars
Miguel Seewald - Bass
Luís Moreira - Drums

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