Facets Of Death


So today ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a band keeping with the tradition of […]
By Michael Coyle
April 5, 2015
Nigredo - Facets Of Death album cover

So today ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a band keeping with the tradition of Black Metal in sound but they also have something which makes their sound their own which I find brilliant, this band actually caught me by surprise with how energetic they are which shows a lot for a band, so without any other delay here is NIGREDO with "Facets Of Death"!.

To start off with I wanted to start with the first track entitled "MLK", now as with any extreme sounding band there is going to be a fast and aggressive start as per usual, but that isn't a bad thing, especially when you count this band in the following of bands that bring it hard and fast with something different to offer besides speed. The sound itself is very raw and very well controlled from where I'm sat and makes it sound as if everything around you is echoing hard like being inside of a tube or a tunnel which continues to bring this resonated power and force, the entire song is structure on two different vocal sounds, from going full on heavy to a chant like yell, almost like a summoning call to the listener to be a part of this grand ritual that is being presented before us. All in all this is a brilliant take o an older fashioned sound mixed with the creativity and style of a new age.

The next song I wanted to add to this review is the records third track entitled "Nihilistic Iniquity". As with the last song we enter a strong and fast, maybe even rapid sounding song which drags you in from the very start with no hope of release, compared though to the last song there is more melody I think added to this song which comes mainly from the guitars creating a very even sounding DARKTHRONE sounding guitar tone which shows that these guys have a very strong influence when it comes down to their sound and that shows so very well when you get deep into the mix of what this song is about, for me as the listener I feel as if these guys have a lot more to give besides these four songs and feel that there is a strong and open future of this band to show the new age of Black metal , all in all though this is a very powerful piece which is very basic but very catchy in its own way, but when I say catchy I of course mean that this is a song you can head bang to and let loose to as well.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Facets Of Death" Track-listing:

1. MLK
2. Visions from the Sepulcher
3. Nihilistic Iniquity
4. The wandering Exile

Nigredo Lineup:

A. - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Maelstrom - Drums

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